(Clearwisdom.net) March 2, 1999, of the lunar calendar was a memorable day for me. It was my second day participating in group practice after I learned Falun Dafa.

The first day that I went to the group practice site and participated, I was welcomed by veteran practitioners who chatted with me affectionately and patiently taught me the exercises. Just as we finished, another practitioner came to tell us that there was a Fa Conference the next day and asked if I would like to participate. This Fa Conference was being held to celebrate the birthday of our great Master, and it was also the first Fa Conference in Yunan Province. Everyone seemed very happy. I realized this was a special opportunity and I certainly wanted to participate. We scheduled to gather at five o'clock the next morning and go together .

We arrived at the soccer training base in Haigeng at about six o'clock the following morning. I never guessed that there would already be thousands of practitioners there from all over. They had come even earlier than we did. Some had started heading to the Fa Conference the night before. It really surprised me that these people were all so active!

Falun Dafa music was being broadcast in the meeting place, and the practitioners were all doing the second exercise, "Falun Standing Stance," lined up in perfect order. We joined in to practice with them. The atmosphere at the meeting place was moving, not chaotic or noisy. My whole body felt very comfortable.

At 8:00 a.m. the staff announced the beginning of the conference. All 20,000 practitioners sat on the ground immediately, and everything was quiet. The staff told us that, for many reasons, Master could not come to our conference, but that all practitioners in Yunnan celebrated the birthday of our great Master. After that, fellow practitioners spoke in turn, sharing their cultivation experiences. Many practitioners spoke, including engineers, teachers, medical professionals, laborers, farmers, students, etc. Young or old, they all spoke according to Dafa about their own understanding of the Fa, their own improvement, their experience in finding their own gaps after learning the Fa and cultivating themselves, and how to continually change themselves in cultivation. For me, a new practitioner who had just stepped into the door of cultivation, it really broadened my thinking and helped my cultivation. It was just like what Master wrote in "Solid Cultivation in "Hong Yin:"

"Study Fa, obtain Fa,
Compare in studying, compare in cultivating,
Examine each and every deed,
Accomplishing is cultivating."

That day there was not a cloud in the sky. Although it was only spring, the sun was blazing, but none of the Dafa disciples felt hot under the care of our benevolent Master. Although we got sunburned, we always felt cool breezes that made us very comfortable. We did not even leave our seats at lunchtime and didn't feel a bit tired the whole day.

A veteran practitioner whose celestial eye was open said that Master's Fashen was watching over us. It was really supernatural! Master made every effort for his disciples and endured all kinds of bitterness. It was just like what Master told us: If we truly cultivated, Master would be responsible for us. With belief in Master, all the Dafa disciples listened to His words and became good people according to "Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance." We should maximally conform to society when cultivating ourselves and do it bit by bit. When it was announced that the Fa conference was over, this large number of people left the meeting place in an orderly fashion, without any trouble.

Another thing which moved me was the fact that, even with more than twenty thousand people gathered, not a single bit of trash was left after the conference. Everyone collected the trash around him or her, and put it in the trash cans outside the place where we had met. The soccer training base looked like it had not been used. It was really hard to believe! It is Master's guidance that makes us into better people. It is my honor to be one of the Dafa disciples.

Although I did not see Master myself, I believe in Master and Dafa. I feel Master is in my heart all the time. I will progress well on the righteous path and return home with Master.