(Clearwisdom.net) I have had several dreams about calamities and the elimination of evil people. I did not plan to write about this, but these dreams keep repeating themselves and therefore I feel that I must write it down.

I had one dream a few weeks ago. I was standing outside of our office building. The sky was clear when, all of sudden, many extremely dirty things, like large clumps of bird excrement, fell down from the sky. My colleagues and I ran into the building to hide. The sky became very dark, as if night was coming. A strong wind started to blow and a black tornado swept up the cars and people down below. Many houses were blown apart and many places in the city were flattened. Fewer than twenty percent of the people in our company survived the tornado. When I woke up, I immediately understood that the dream was telling me that people who joined or supported the evil Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and did not renounce their memberships would be eliminated (ninety percent of the people in my company are CCP members). I came to understand the urgency of spreading the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and helping people quit the CCP.

A few days ago I saw an epidemic in my dream. It seemed so real! I woke up from the frightening scene and looked at my watch. It was just a little after three. I was not able to go back to sleep any more. I woke up my wife and told her about my dream, which went as follows:

It seemed to be when the seasons were changing between spring and summer. The weather was neither hot nor cold. People were not wearing any coats. The sunlight was not vivid. I stood on the balcony with my family, watching the white sun and pale clouds.

Suddenly clouds of insects about a third the size of a fly appeared, quickly coming our way. They flew at a very high speed and buzzed all the way. From a distance they looked like yellow smoke. One group flew directly towards our balcony, but suddenly changed direction and flew around it. Due to their high speed, some of them smashed into the window screens and died. White liquid from their bodies dripped all over our balcony. A thought came to my mind immediately: The epidemic was about to start, and so was the elimination of humans.

Then it seemed to be a few days after the insects had passed, and I went outside. Several old people were talking under the warm sun. A couple dozen meters away from me, a cow was tied to a wooden stake and a sheep stood next to it. For some reason, I was attracted by these two animals and watched them intently. All of sudden, the sheep slowly fell to the ground. Then the cow's eyes started to glaze over and it just stood there motionless. A few seconds later, it collapsed to the ground and died, too. I immediately knew that the epidemic had started. My first thought was to tell all my relatives about the beginning of the epidemic and the elimination of human beings, because many of them had been lured by the CCP and had not yet quit the Party. I needed to tell them to quit the CCP immediately.

Right after I had this thought, many of my relatives, about twenty or thirty of them, appeared in front of me, including my parents, aunts, uncles, and their spouses. (When I woke up, I realized that my relatives who understood the truth of Dafa or who had quit the CCP were not among them.) There was a huge crowd walking in one direction. My relatives followed those people, walking, talking and looking around. I rushed to them, shouting, "Please be quiet, please be quiet. Listen to me..." However, they just kept talking among themselves or doing their own things. My feeling then was that they thought I was younger than they, so they would not listen to or believe me. I shouted many times, but they just kept ignoring me, taking care of their own business. I was so worried that I woke up right then and there.

After this dream, I started to talk to these relatives about Dafa and quitting the CCP. Two relatives, just like in my dream, were very irritated and would not listen at all. One has been a CCP member for decades and still reads the Selected Works of Mao Zedong everyday. I gave him a copy of the Nine Commentaries. He stopped after reading two chapters. He told me that what is reported in the Nine Commentaries is all true but he does not dare to read about it any more. Now I know how challenging it is to save people who have been deeply polluted by the CCP, but I will continue trying my best to save them.

I have written this out with the hope that all my fellow practitioners will also realize the urgency of helping people quit the CCP! Walk well every step.

By September 10, 2006