(Clearwisdom.net) My name is Jin Fujie. I am a 52-year-old farmer on the Xiaohewan Team, Zhuangtou Village, Dongzhi Township, Xifeng District of Qingyang City, Gansu Province. My wife is Jiang Mailan, 54. We obtained the Fa in February 1999. The following is an account of the persecution that my wife and I have experienced.

On March 26, 2000, the two of us went to appeal on behalf of Falun Gong in Beijing, but a policeman from Dongzhi Police Substation named Ma Honchoing brought us back by force. He hung us from two trees in the courtyard of the substation, trying to force us to renounce Falun Gong and to extract a confession from us via physical and verbal abuse. Starting on April 4, we were illegally detained for one month in a detention center.

On around April 10, 2000, while my wife and I were still in the detention center, Yuan Fangua, the director of the Dongzhi police substation, and Deputy Director Wu Gang, along with a dozen people from the "shock brigade" and the village cadres, came to my home intending to extract a confession from my son. He had lived independently from us for a long time. The Township head said, "Pay the 5,000-yuan fine (approximately 10 months' salary of an average urban worker) for your parents' appealing in Beijing. Otherwise we will confiscate your possessions as collateral." My son told them to wait until we returned home. They began to remove the door and break the lock, and took away all the grain and furniture, including a table, chairs and a sewing machine. They took 500 Jin (one Jin is equal to 0.5 kilogram) of wheat, 400 Jin of seeds for extracting oil, 500 Jin of soybean seed and finally they even took the door. Neighbors told me later, after I was released, that when the vehicle had a hard time going up a hill, they threw off the sacks of grain and the furniture. The furniture broke and grain sacks split open, scattering it all along the way. They just left everything where it lay, and we were to be criticized and denounced at a public gathering in the village.

Our home was left wide open. A dozen Dafa books have gone missing and a lot of our belongings are gone. A sack of soybeans was also stolen. My daughter and I went to claim our family possessions from the township government. Township Head He Changqing kept insisting that we pay a fine of 2,285 yuan. He said that was the cost of hauling our possessions, the wages of the policemen, and the fee for the sacks. My daughter asked him how he planned to compensate us for our losses and damages. He started swearing at us and kicked us out the door. My son told me that the police often knocked on our door in the middle of the night while we were detained, and the family had to move away to avoid all the harassment.

Starting on July 15, 2000, the Donghai Township held a 10-day brainwashing session, and the township cadres forced us to attend.

On January 15, 2001, Director of the Dongzhi substation Yuan Fangua took me again to attend a brainwashing session. Then he sent me to a detention center. I was illegally sentenced to a 1-year labor term on the grounds that I went to Beijing twice. I was released after 6 months for medical treatment. I was sent to Team One of the 3rd Subgroup at the 1st Labor Education Camp in Pingantai, Gansu Province. Under the scorching sun, we were forced to labor without clothes on. We were exposed naked in the sun for over 10 hours, and our names were called every 5 minutes. Policemen surrounded the field, yelling at us to hurry up. A majority of the Dafa practitioners were so worn down by the grueling life in the labor camp that they developed serious health problems such as tuberculosis and heart disease. If someone fainted in the field, the chief prison warden would violently beat him. Practitioners who refused to renounce Falun Gong were deprived of sleep and forced to remain standing for long periods of time. After toiling for over 10 hours during the day, we had to attend brainwashing sessions at night. A popular saying in Pingantai Labor Camp was, "There are 3 speeds in Pingantai: you have to shovel faster than the plough, push a cart faster than a tractor, and walk faster than someone running." Another saying was, "It’s noiselessly quiet when someone is persecuted to death, while it’s earthshaking news when someone escapes." I developed heart disease due to the persecution and stayed in the hospital for over 40 days. Although I was sent to a hospital outside of the labor camp, it took seven months before my application got approved. During that time, I was forced to clean bathrooms and fix tires as punishment.

On March 12, 2003, police from the Xifeng Security Group and Dongzhi substation broke into my home again. They confiscated a cassette of the Falun Gong exercise music, a cassette player, and truth-clarification materials. I was seized and detained in the detention center for 3 months. I was illegally sentenced to a 27-month term in a labor camp and was sent to the First Labor Education Camp in Pingantai, Gansu Province and later released due to poor health. While I was imprisoned, the police arrested my wife several times. She was forced to stay in a mountain cave for several days. Later, the police further harassed my family.

On May 20, 2006, judicial staff from the Dongzhi Township and policemen from the substation once again raided my house. They robbed us of Teacher’s portrait and a picture of the Falun emblem.

So far I have served prison terms three times and have been forced to attend brainwashing sessions twice. My wife was imprisoned once, twice went into exile and was forced to attend brainwashing sessions three times.