(Clearwisdom.net) My name is Mu Kesheng. On October 27, 2004, several police officers from the National Security Team arrested me off the street. They had previously broken into my home and searched it when no one was at home. This time they "showcased" searching my home. One police officer carried a video recorder; one had a conventional camera and a third one had a digital camera. They photographed me several times and also photographed all the valuables in my home. Then they took me to a place inside a movie factory on Youai Road, ordered me to "think about why they took me" and ordered me to cooperate. They were infuriated when I did not cooperate with their unlawful interrogation. The police took out a copy of the Solemn Declaration I had published on the Minghui/Clearwisdom website several months ago and asked me whether I wrote it and how I sent it to the Minghui website. I told them I wrote the statement, and that there was nothing more I could tell them. They sent me to Nanning City No. 1 Detention Center.

Inmates at the Nanning City No. 1 Detention Center have to do daily slave labor until late at night. We were forced to make shoe insteps. If we could not finish the quota, we would have to work overnight. Many times we could only sleep one to two hours and for many days we were too busy to take a shower.

The police agents often arrived with batons in hand to check the product quality. Some police officers poured water and salt on our injuries after they had beaten us. Some called all prisoners in the cell out and beat us individually. Other abuses include being forced to work on our knees all day long, and being forced to drink a whole bucket of water.

One time we did not finish the work, though we worked all night. The next morning, the police came and singled out several inmates. After ordering them to strip off their clothing and stay on the ground in push-up exercise position, the police whipped everyone's back with batons while asking us why we had not finished the work.

We had three meals on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, but only two meals on the other four days of the week. If we wanted to have more food, we would have to pay a ridiculously high price at the detention center store.

Agents from the National Security Team came to put pressure on me, asking if I had "made up my mind." I told them I had made up my mind before I arrived at the detention center that I would practice Falun Gong even if I lost my life. They were enraged, and asked me if I knew a certain practitioner. They told me they had searched his home and found flyers, banners and a copy of my Solemn Declaration. I admitted I had written the statement, but said there was nothing else I could tell them.

Later they asked me to sign the interrogation record. I saw that the record stated I had supposedly violated Section 300 of the Criminal Law Code. I asked them what Section 300 is; they said they did not remember. I asked them when I had ever admitted that I had violated Section 300. They said "never." I pointed out what the record said. They were upset and tried to force me to sign. I refused, saying I could not sign something I never said. They changed the wording "violated" to "suspected of having violated." A member of my family told me later that the police had said I would be imprisoned for years.

When I first arrived at the detention center, the guards forced me to put my money into a "donation box." The police took away my new coat and forced me to take a cold shower. They also forced other inmates to scrape my body with a hard-bristle brush.

Prisoners have to pay 50 yuan as an admittance fee when arriving the detention center and a 50-yuan housing fee each month. There is a TV in the cell, playing a movie or brainwashing programs each night. We had to pay 5 yuan per night for the television fee. In actuality, most of us were too busy doing slave labor and did not have any chance to watch TV at all. Part of the housing fee was used to buy cigarettes to bribe the quality control person so that he would not reject any defective products produced at the detention center.

The prices for all the goods in the detention center store are ridiculously high. It cost me more than 100 yuan for a toothbrush, towel and soap. I was also asked to spend more than 80 yuan to buy a blanket for an inmate who could not afford it. Instead of money, the detention center store uses tokens. When I was released, I had 300 yuan worth of tokens left. When I asked to exchange them into money, the police said they had no money to make the exchange, yet they took my tokens back.

I had no money left after the exploitation by the detention center personnel. When I arrived back home, lack of food and sleep had made me so thin that my niece could not even recognize me.