(Clearwisdom.net) Jiang's villain group began to rampantly defame and persecute Falun Gong on July 20, 1999.

My husband and I wanted to tell the truth of Falun Gong and went to Beijing for an appeal in October 1999. One morning, as a group of us practitioners did the Falun Gong exercises at our residence in Beijing, suddenly police intruded and arrested dozens of us without any reason.

We were transferred to a police station and detained in a hallway behind a big metal gate. We stood for almost the whole day and were dispatched to the Jiamusi City Liaison Office in the evening. Dozens of people, men and women, were detained in one cell.

During the following three to four days, people from the security sections from different companies kept picking up the practitioners. The last night, a policewoman tried to grab the book Zhuan Falun from a practitioner as soon as she saw a practitioner reading it. This practitioner told her somberly, "Give it back to me!" The policewoman threw the book back at the practitioner.

That night, several of us stood the entire night. The next day, agents from the Yonghong Police Department and local police station picked me up and sent me back to Jiamusi City. Because the Jiamusi Detention Center was full of people, five of us were sent to the Tangyuan Detention Center where I was detained for two months. Later, the Yonghong Police Department asked my workplace to pay a 5,000 yuan fine and my family was extorted of 3,000 yuan before they released me.

After several months, personnel from the Yonghong Police Department called my family to ask me to go there. I was then not really aware of and unclear on Fa principles. So I went, even though I knew it was better not to go. Practitioner Meng Xiaohua had been there for a while. The persecutors said there would be a meeting in the city, and they put us in a vehicle, and drove us directly to the detention center. Police officer Chen Wanyou was there. After having a brief meeting, they put us into the cells. I told Master in my heart, "I do not want to stay here. I cannot cultivate here." Nine days later I was released. It turned out that officer Chen Wanyou had extorted 2,000 yuan from my family for my release.

In 2000, Yonghong Police Department agents and Jiaxi Police Station personnel frequently came to my home and knocked on my door. They broke the hallway gate three times. Our neighbor was so afraid he had heart problems and moved out.

I was sentenced to three years of forced labor in 2002.

Illegal Arrest

I was arrested in 2002 when I was visiting a friend. The police took away my cell phone, beeper and all money. I was forced to go to the local police station where a police officer tied me onto a chair. I asked them, "Which statue of law did I violate?" They answered, "That doesn't matter. We were told to arrest you. This is policy!"

The police put me into a detention center without following any legal procedures. The cell was about a dozen square meters but more than 30 people were squeezed into it. Many people had scabies. It was too crowded to lie down for sleeping, even with a person's head against another person's foot. What we ate was coarse corn flour bread and spoiled potato soup. I went on a hunger strike to protest the illegal detention. The cell head verbally abused me with dirty words.

One week later, the guards led several male criminals who carried torture instruments. They nailed the torture instruments to the floor. They handcuffed and shackled me on the floor, with hands and feet spread, and force-fed me. They inserted thick rubber tubing down my throat and force-fed cold, salty corn flour liquid. I vomited and hurt. I could not move because I was immobilized on the floor. They did not even unlock me to relieve myself.

Violent "Reformation"

After one and a-half months I was transferred to Jiamusi Forced Labor Camp. As soon as I arrived at the labor camp, the "transformation" under coercion started. Every morning after getting up, I was made to sit by the bed and not move. Except for eating and using the restroom I had to keep sitting. The guards and the criminals walked back and forth in the hallway. They shouted and wrangled. The physical punishment, being secluded from the world for a long time and unbearable loneliness were something that normal people could not bear.

Two and a-half months passed like this. Later, the guards compelled us to work and wear the labor camp uniforms. One day guard Zhou Jiahui asked us why we didn't work. Some said that they had headaches. Some said that they felt chest discomfort. I didn't answer. The guard was angry and hit me. The blows came so fast, like fast-falling rain. I was dizzy. The evildoing person summoned some male guards and all female guards to brutally beat us. To cover their atrocities, they turned up the corridor loudspeaker broadcast volume to the maximum. Guard Guo Zhenwei and another male guard kept hitting me for about twenty minutes. Injuries covered my entire body. My buttocks turned black, and I was bedridden for two weeks.

After more than twenty days, around mid-October 2002, the guards assembled us on the third floor and made us sit on small stools made from rivets and screws. They didn't give us any cushions. The police made us sit shoulder to shoulder, with hands on the knees. They forced us to watch Dafa-slandering programs. Except for eating, we had to sit like this from the time we got up in the morning until 11:00 p.m. Slightly closing one's eyes would lead to extending the sitting time for ten minutes. Someone was always getting a beating. The guards and criminals monitored us all the time. They verbally abused us and insulted us with all kinds of obscene language.

They called several people out every day. Then they would come back to us and say that they were "all reformed." After ten days, guard Zhang Xiaodan called me out. They tried for a long time to persuade me to reform. I did not compromise. They then led me to a room on the second floor. Guard Li Xiujin threw me to the floor and twisted my one hand from beneath the bed and through the bed leg, and my other hand was forced backwards from the shoulder. He used a small handcuff to cuff both hands together in this position. I could not move a bit. The handcuffs became deeply embedded in my flesh, and the pain was unbearable. This lasted for two hours. They said that I would be handcuffed like this forever unless I break with Falun Gong. A "collaborator" eventually forged a guarantee statement in my name. After the handcuffs were opened, both hands had lost sensation, were severely swollen and had turned black and blue.

My hands remained numb for about three to four months. Then they got gradually better. Even now, my right wrist is still swollen. The persecutors still went upstairs and lied to others, saying that I was "reformed." Later they forced us to do Dafa-critiquing homework. I exposed what they did for forcible "reform" and told them they were deceiving themselves, and that coercion cannot change the will of the people.

After the 2003 Lantern Festival they adopted the barbaric backward handcuffing. They also compelled us to write "five letters." About forty to fifty of us Dafa practitioners suffered from their ruthless persecution again. I was compelled to write against my better judgment. However, none of these changed us. Later they admitted that everything they did was in vain. None of us had "converted."

Protest Hunger Strike

In late April 2003, I went on a hunger strike. The guards came to see me every day and exerted pressure on me. They shouted and wrangled, but I still persisted with the hunger strike. One day, team leader Hong Wei asked the entire team to sit on small stools and then he hit me vigorously. My legs turned black. He then handcuffed me backward to a heating pipe. I was handcuffed like this for more than two hours, and had wounds everywhere. I had by then been on the hunger strike for eleven days. I was skeleton-like and extremely weak.

In 2003, around July or August, the guards compelled us to do Dafa-slandering "homework." We were required to copy what they wrote. We refused. Guard Hong Wei attempted to force us to do it. More than twenty practitioners sat as a group on the small stools. At that time the weather was scorching hot. Seventy to eighty people were squeezed into one room. We were only permitted to wash and rinse in the morning. At noon, others slept in front of us but we had to keep sitting. We lived under their curses and insults for more than twenty days.

Efforts against the Persecution

As soon as the 2004 Lunar New Year had passed, about forty practitioners who were illegally detained in the Eighth Team started a collective anti-persecution effort. They went on a hunger strike, refused to work, did not do labor camp exercises and didn't recite the camp regulations. Team leader He Qiang incited Hong Wei, Sun Limin and others to summon the team. They made fifteen practitioners who kept on with their anti-persecution efforts sit on small stools. The practitioners refused to sit down. The persecutors beat and hit them to the ground.

I maintained my hunger strike. Guards Hong Wei, Sun Limin, Jiang Jianan and others pulled my hair and on my clothes and led me to the office. Hong Wei slapped me on the face more than ten times. I asked calmly, "Why do you hit me?" She said, "Because you refused to obey." I said, "I do not deserve to be here. All I want is to appeal. How could I obey your illegal requests?"

After several days, guard He Qiang created many slogan posters to slander Dafa and hang on the wall. We requested that they be removed. Another guard named He Qiang said, "I will write on the floor and order you step on it every day. I do whatever I like to do!" One morning we completely tore up the slogans. When persecutor Hong Wei saw it, she hit us rampantly. Later they dispatched more than thirty guards. Guard He Qiang said, "I had been waiting for this day!" Led by Wang Tiejun and Hong Wei, the guards brutally beat us. They used electrical batons to attack us. Later, more than twenty of us were handcuffed backward onto a metal bed frame. I didn't eat anything several days at the time. The handcuffs were deeply embedded into my flesh. I almost lost the strength to breathe. The handcuffing lasted three to four hours. From then on, the labor camp exercise was not strict, and the warnings and rebukes before dinner were also canceled.

Several doctors and guards held me tight and drew my blood. We were under curses of the evil people almost every day, and we were put under the burning sun in the summer and were exposed to the frozen snow and cold in the winter. Seventy to eighty people were in a team, but there were only four toilets in the restroom. Restroom use became a big problem.

Beating or otherwise abusing Falun Gong practitioners was a daily routine. To prevent Falun Gong practitioners from reading Master’s articles, the evildoing persons subjected the practitioners to illegal body searches twice a week. They also searched the clothing and every corner of the storage room. If they found one of Master’s articles, they would extend that practitioner's term for one month. They did not even let those whose release was imminent go without illegal body searches.

Three years passed. I experienced too much. All that I have related above is only the tip of the iceberg.