(Clearwisdom.net) Since the persecution of Falun Gong started on July 20, 1999, the Jidong Prison in Fengnan City, Hebei Province has imprisoned over 100 practitioners. Guards in the prison use coercion to torture practitioners, who firmly believe in Truth, Compassion, Forbearance, to renounce their beliefs. The guards lock practitioners in a small isolated cell for prolonged periods of time, put handcuffs and shackles on them, deprive them of sleep, and inundate them with vicious lies around the clock.

Guards in the Jidong Prison locked practitioner Guo Xiangyu from Shijiazhuang in a small isolated room in the Strict Management Team for over a year. During that time, Guo Xiangyu was not allowed to bathe and had to wear handcuffs and leg shackles. The guards sent in collaborators to try to brainwash Guo Xiangyu. While Guo Xiangyu was on a hunger strike, the guards inserted a tube into Guo Xiangyu's stomach and force-fed him.

Practitioner Ge Huaiqiang lived at Zhaoyang St., Yunhe District, Cangzhou City. Ge Huaiqiang has a doctorate degree. Ge Huaiqiang was sentenced to four years in prison for practicing Falun Gong and locked in the 5th division of Jidong Prison. Guards deprived Ge Huaiqiang of sleep for five days; when Ge Huaiqiang closed his eyes, guards ordered prisoners to push his head into ice water. They forced Ge Huaiqiang to lift heavy bricks and continued to force him to do heavy work even when he was injured. Ge Huaiqiang protested many times and appealed to the authorities, but never received any responses.

Practitioner Mei Yanchang from Liugezhuang Village, Dawangdian Town, Xushui County, was tortured by the guards. The guards beat, scolded, put handcuffs and shackles on Mei Yanchang, and brutally shocked Mei with electric batons.

Practitioner Sun Jianzhong from Fengrun Town, Fengrun District, was sentenced to seven years in the prison. In December 2002, the Fengrun District public security department, 610 Office, and national security department arrested and tortured Sun Jianzhong. On many occasions guards used telephone wires to shock Sun Jianzhong until he lost consciousness. They then woke Sun Jianzhong up with cold water and repeated the torture. They cuffed Sun Jianzhong's hands and legs before beating him. Sun Jianzhong went on a hunger strike while in the Fengrun Detention Center, so the guards pried his mouth open with a pair of pliers and force-fed him. The guards also ordered prisoners to force-feed Sun Jianzhong with urine. They tortured him until his left side became paralyzed. In 2003, Sun Jianzhong was transferred to the First Detention Center in Tangshan City, where he continued his hunger strike. Guards shackled Sun Jianzhong to an iron chair for over two months and force-fed him. Sun Jianzhong couldn't walk afterwards due to the prolonged inactivity.

In August 2003, the Lubei District Court in Tangshan City secretly put practitioners Sun Jianzhong, Han Xueyu, Zhang Yunping, Zhang Jinlu, An Zhenjie, and Guo Xiaohui, on trial and sentenced them to three to eight-year prison terms. They were taken to the Jidong Prison. Sun Jianzhong was locked in the 2nd division and monitored around the clock. Guards subjected Sun Jianzhong to brainwashing and deprived him of sleep. Because he went on a hunger strike, Sun Jianzhong was extremely weak and was transferred to the 4th division central hospital to be force-fed. Sun Jianzhong's family was not allowed to visit him. Guards forced collaborators to try to brainwash Sun Jianzhong—but to no avail. Sun Jianzhong was then transferred from the 4th division to the 5th division education section, where the persecution continued. In the 5th division, the guards put Sun Jianzhong in a small isolated room, deprived him of sleep, freedom, and food, and forced him to run outside in the yard with other prisoners. After many requests, Sun Jianzhong's family finally got to visit him. Before the visit, Huang Liansheng and Li Enyuan from the education section admonished Sun Jianzhong's family for half an hour. During the family visit, Huang, Li and some other people kept watch. As soon as they heard something in the conversation that didn't follow their rules, they interrupted the conversation. The guards confiscated the food Sun Jianzhong's family brought him. After that, the guards transferred Sun Jianzhong to the chemical section of the 5th division and forced him to do heavy labor. The police officer in charge of the section is called Ma Jianshan.

Practitioner Zhang Yunping from Heyin District, Tangshan City, was sentenced to eight years in the 5th division of the Jidong Prison. Zhang Yunping was monitored around the clock and forced to undergo brainwashing. Because of the heavy labor he was forced to do, Zhang Yunping's physical condition deteriorated. He developed high blood pressure, an irregular heartbeat, and other illnesses. The prison administration refused to send him home.

Practitioner Ma Zhanfeng from Xiliangwa Town, Hengshui City, was sentenced to seven years and is now imprisoned in the 5th division in Jidong Prison.

Practitioner Bian Chunlian from Chengde City was sentenced to eight years. Bian Chunlian was monitored by prisoners around the clock.

Practitioner Han Xueyu from Fengrun District, Fengrun City, was sentenced to seven years and persecuted in the 2nd division of the Jidong Prison. Han Xueyu was denied family visits and the current situation is unknown.

Practitioner An Zhenjie from Xiaoguzhuangzi Village, Fengrun District, was sentenced to seven years and is now persecuted in the 1st division in Jidong Prison.

The above are details about just a few of over a hundred practitioners locked in the Jidong Prison. We hope to expose the truth of the persecution in the Jidong Prison.

We would like to call on the public to pay attention to the vicious acts occurring in China's forced labor camps and prisons and to help to stop the unprecedented persecution against Falun Dafa practitioners in China.