(Clearwisdom.net) I would like to share with you some of the insights I gained recently during Fa study. First, we definitely should not acknowledge the arrangements made by the old forces. We are taking a path that has never before been taken, and will never again be taken in the future -- a brand new path of cultivation. We are humans walking on the path towards becoming Gods and Buddhas. The persecution is only an arrangement made by the old forces.

The old forces have arranged for cultivators to be persecuted so they can show the magnificence of cultivation. However, this theory, which originated in the old universe, is no longer valid. Should Gods and Buddhas be persecuted to death in the human world, only to be judged as magnificent by humans and Gods of the old universe? How could humans and Gods in the old universe be qualified to do so? There are a hundred million people cultivating Falun Dafa in China. Do all of these people have to go cultivate in prison in order to qualify? Can't the practitioners who have not been in prison also become Gods and Buddhas? Are they not just as great as those who did go to prison? What about those practitioners reaching enlightenment before 1999? They reached consummation even without this type of interference!

Some of us believe that practitioners who don't do the three things well will end up being persecuted, and that those of us who have not cultivated well in certain aspects, or have left loopholes, deserve to be persecuted. They believe that prison time will cause those practitioners to improve. Such misunderstandings provide additional loopholes for attack by the old forces and make the persecution more severe. The old forces might say: "Isn't this what cultivation is all about? I will simply imprison all of you and impose terrible tribulations to teach you a hard lesson." We will fall into their traps if we accept these arrangements.

However, Teacher has mentioned that their real goal is not to help us, but rather, is to stop us from reaching consummation. This is why their arrangements are so evil. If our practitioners who are not imprisoned cannot understand this clearly, it will cause our detained practitioners to face even more severe persecution, and the evil will have more excuses to test our fellow practitioners. Unwittingly, the practitioners outside are increasing the persecution against practitioners inside the prisons if they hold on to such notions. No matter how much you have done for Dafa, you are still acknowledging the old forces, which implies that you are helping the old forces. It just gives them more excuses: "Look, aren't you acknowledging our arrangements? Off you go to jail!" As a result, you end up in prison yourself. No matter how well you may do in prison, it won't help if you lose your life in the end. You still end up taking the path arranged by the old forces.

I sincerely hope that we can all abandon these notions completely, so that the old forces will no longer have any excuses to detain our practitioners. Teacher has mentioned multiple times in the lectures that in the future, Gods will no longer be allowed to be nailed to the cross. Who will set the examples for the Gods of the future? Won't it have to be us? We have to be responsible for future humans and Gods! We definitely cannot acknowledge the arrangements of the old forces, so that we can set a good example for the future.