(Clearwisdom.net) The family of Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Yang Jianpo drove to Division 4 at the Jidong Prison to visit him at 3:00 a.m. on September 11, 2006. The family was told by prison authorities to wait for approval in the front hall. More than two hours passed. The family was then told that the visit was not allowed. The family went to division head Hao Baoxin's office and requested a meeting with Yang Jianpo.

Hao Baoxin told the family to wait in the conference room, saying he was in the middle of a meeting in his office. When the family went back to his office at a little before 11:00 a.m., however, Hao Baoxin had left his office. The family had no choice but to wait in the car for the officials to return to work.

The family went back to Hao Baoxin’s office at around 2:00 p.m. and demanded their loved one's immediate release. They said, "Yang Jianpo is on the brink of death and doesn’t fit the requirements of a prison detainee." Hao Baoxin said, "You didn’t come here to ask for Yang Jianpo, you came here to attack me. You called me a ‘vicious official,’ and said that I persecuted Yang Jianpo. Before you came over this morning, I got phone call(s) saying Yang Jianpo’s wife would come here and that I shouldn’t give you a hard time. So many people in the world may support you, but I’m telling you, all the support is in vain because China has its own laws."

Yang Jianpo’s family said, "Yang Jianpo shouldn’t have been brought here in the first place if you really follow China’s laws." Hao Baoxin said, "Don’t you give me that. Now I can’t even leave China because the whole world knows about me. You did it all to me. Are you trying to publish what I said today on the Internet? Go ahead and publish it on the Minghui website. I’m telling you, Yang Jianpo is now on the brink of death and you are trying to attack me online. I’m not afraid! This is what I do. You won’t do Yang Jianpo any good by publishing all those things because it won’t work, even if you let the whole world know about it!"

The family said, "So many Dafa practitioners have asked you to act kindly. We are doing it for your own good. Yang Jianpo did not violate any laws. He is protesting the illegal detention with his life! If you continue your ways, you will not be offered salvation. We have constantly asked you to be good and stop persecuting Dafa practitioners. Look at the Cultural Revolution - what happened to those who persecuted innocent people? No one can escape justice, and no one can shoulder your responsibilities for you!"

Hao Baoxin said, "What I say doesn’t count. I have to ask my superiors. If my superiors don’t let you see him, you should go home and stop bugging me." The family said, "Who are your superiors? Can we talk to them face-to-face?" Hao Baoxin said, "My superiors are Beijing and the central government, go and talk to them!" The family member said, "Just tell me where I can go so I can get him released! I’ll go anywhere for Yang Jianpo, including to the central government. You told me to go to the central government. If anything happens to me, you’ll be responsible." Hao Baoxin said, "I didn’t tell you to go to the central government. I never said that. My superior won’t let you see him, so just go home."

They refused to let the family see Yang Jianpo. At 4:00 p.m, Yang Jianpo’s wife let the taxi leave while she and her daughter stayed. They were determined to see Yang Jianpo and they would not go home.

It was time for the prison officials to go home. They saw that Yang Jianpo’s family was still there, so they reluctantly allowed Yang Jianpo’s daughter to go and see him.

The daughter went to a ward at the prison central hospital. She saw her father Yang Jianpo lying on a bed, barely breathing. Yang Jianpo saw her and said, "Remember, your dad didn’t do anything wrong. I absolutely will not eat. I will appeal with my body. I didn’t commit any crimes! Your dad will not compromise, even if he dies!" His daughter said, "Dad, are you doing the right thing? You must come out alive! There are lots of things to do out there. Our relationship hasn’t ended yet, and my grandparents, mom, and my brother and me are waiting for you to take care of us! All kind-hearted people are helping you!"

Yang Jianpo said, "Thanks to all of you. I’m fine. I will return home alive! Help me to send forth righteous thoughts more frequently. It’s really evil here. One evil being attached itself to a person and he talked to me personally. He told me that he is an evil being. I absolutely won’t let it destroy me. Go home and don’t come here again. It costs lots of money for the trip. Don’t worry! I won’t talk anymore because I can’t get enough air. I can’t keep my eyes open because they hurt. Go home, it’s late, and I’ll worry about you on the trip back home."

Yang Jianpo’s face was ashen. His teeth are loose and his gums were bleeding. It’s difficult for him to open his eyes, and he is only skin and bones. He has been on hunger strike for more than 220 days. Dr. Bi (who treats Yang Jianpo) says Yang Jianpo is responsible for his current condition. The authorities will not take responsibility for anything that happens. He also said that a hunger strike is an act of defiance against the government and therefore disqualifies Yang Jianpo from medical parole.

We call for international human rights organizations and all kind-hearted people to rescue Dafa practitioner Yang Jianpo.