(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Li Xueming, Falun Dafa practitioner from Jinxing Town, Xinjin County of Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, was arrested at his home in September 2002 by police from the 1st branch of Xinjin Police Station, Jinxing Police, and Jinxing County CCP officials. On June 5, 2003, Mr. Liu was illegally sentenced to 7 years by a judge in Xinjin County CCP court. He was detained at Zigong Prison on July 24, 2003 where he was cruelly persecuted. Mr. Li's health condition is precarious because of the mistreatment he endured. The formerly very healthy Mr. Liis currently detained at 2nd hospital of Leshan Wumaping Prison. More details follow:

Mr. Li lives in Qilong Village (originally Phoenix Village), Jinxing Town, Xinjin County, Chengdu City. All three family members who live at his home practice Falun Gong. During the seven years of persecution, Mr. Liu's personal property was confiscated more than 10 times. His wife and daughter became homeless to escape the persecution. All their family belongings were confiscated. Anything of value was stolen or sold, and smaller things were destroyed. Even the mosquito net hanging over the bed was cut to pieces.

Zigong Prison was awarded "Civilized Prison" by prison control in Sichuan. The label deceives many people who don't know the truth. This prison is very much the same as other CCP prisons and forced labor camps. They follow closely Jiang Zemin's cohorts and use all in their power to persecute Falun Gong practitioners. They try to change peoples beliefs through violence. When Falun Dafa practitioners arrive at Zigong Prison, they are treated rather well, which is just to gain the practitioner's trust. Then they try to cajole practitioners so they would "transform" and give up their beliefs. If the practitioners refuse to give up their beliefs, the guards drop their hypocritical behavior and show their real intent. They even use torture to facilitate their brainwashing.

When Liu Xueming had just been detained at the Zigong Prison, chief guard Yang Jianchun often came to see Mr. Liu for a "chat," ask about Liu's family, and pretend that they "cared" for him. During several years of persecution, most Falun Dafa practitioners suffered persecution in some form by the local government and police. Yang Jianchun first feigned "sympathy" because of the unfair treatment Mr. Liu suffered before this detention. He asked Mr. Liu to write everything down. Then he said that he would send it to local governors to verify the truth and solve the problem. So Mr. Liu Xueming wrote down what happened in June 2000. He had been detained by Wujin Police Station of Xinjin County because he was practicing Falun Gong exercises outside and all his family's property was confiscated by Xinjin Puxing police and Jinxing local officials. He listed the lost properties in detail, amounting to about 6,500 yuan. Then, he gave the list to Chief Chen of the Education Branch.

On December 10, 2003, Liu Yuanhang, the vice director of Zigong Prison, called Mr. Liu Xueming to his office and told Mr. Liu they had verified what he wrote and that they know that it is the truth. He insinuated that they would "solve the problem through dialog." Guard Yang Jianchun promised that he would help resolve the problem. Yet, he tried his best to "transform" Liu Xueming. Mr. Liu Xueming never gave up his belief in Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance, the essential principles of Falun Gong. Eventually, Yang Jianchun revealed his true character. When Mr. Liu ask him about his promise, Yang simply denied everything. He told Mr. Liu the prison would not help him and he was on his own after he was released from prison. Mr. Liu asked to have his written report back as well as the investigative report, but was denied.

Unsuccessful Brainwashing Results in Cruel Torture to Achieve "Transformation"

Starting in April 2005, daily after 8:00 a.m., guards Xiao Quanwen (Education Branch), Yang Jianchun, and. six other guards tried to "transform" him. They harassed, threatened, and beat Mr. Liu, until their morning shift was over at noon. Then, at 2:00 p.m. they started again. Eleven days later, on April 19th, guard Xiao Quanwen told Mr. Liu Xueming that beginning that day he would persecute him. He beat Mr Liu with an electric shock baton.

Beginning April 19, guards forced Liu Xueming to stand in military style and would not let him sit down even during lunch and supper. Mr. Liu was only allowed to return to his cell after 9:30 p.m. Then, he was forced to write a report and not allowed to go to sleep until after 10:00 p.m. This torture lasted until May 8. Mr. Liu's feet became more and more swollen. Now, the mental torture began. Mr. Liu was forced to study "Education of Prisoners" and was asked to write reports. Mr. Liu used the reports to clarify the truth about the persecution of Falun Gong.

This treatment lasted until July 13, 2005, when Mr. Liu was transferred to the 4th supervised area at Zigong Prison.

Liu Jianxing, the chief guard of the 4th supervised area put Mr. Liu Xueming into "training" with new prisoners. At the beginning of August, An Quan, vice director of the Education Branch began another round of brainwashing. They use the same method as before, first the so-called "soft" method and then the hard method. At the beginning, he used family visits as "bait" and asked if Mr. Liu would like to see his family. When the answer was yes, Mr. Liu was asked to write a report about his thoughts. Mr. Liu said in the report: "Yes I would like to see my family members. But I would not agree to any additional conditions, especially not giving up Falun Dafa." An Quan realized that Mr. Liu would not "transform", so he tortured Mr. Liu with electric shock batons. He also he asked guard Xiao Quan to lock Mr. Liu to the torture bed with handcuffs.

During the first night when Mr. Liu was locked on the bed, it rained hard and the roof leaked. The entire bed was soaked in water. Mr. Liu was locked and tortured on that bed for 26 days. During the hot days of August, he was not allowed to take a bath or even wash his face. He was only released from this torture when he began to vomit everything he had eaten and had lost more than 10 kg.

In December 2005, Mr Liu Xueming was transferred to Wumaping Prison in Leshan Muchuan County in Sichuan. The persecution continued. He is now in critical condition and still illegally detained at the 2nd hospital of the prison.

The following are phone numbers of Zigong Prison and Wumaping Prison. Any Falun Dafa practitioner who has the opportunity, please call or write and clarify the truth. Please help to end the persecution.

Zigong Prison:

Address: Tangjiabe Prison, Zigong City, Sichuan Province, Zip 643000

Those who persecuted Mr. Liu:

Mr. Liu Xueming, guard
Yanf Jianchun, police
Liu Yuanhang, vice director
Liu Jianxing, chief police of the 4th supervised area
An Quan, vice director of Education Branch
Xiao Quanwen, Education Branch

Evil police officer Xiao Quanwen

Wumaping Prison:

Address: Wumaping Prison, Leshan Muchuan County, Sichuan Province, Zip 614503
Director of the prison: 86-833-4652001, 86-833-4652002, 86-833-4652003
The 4th supervised area: 86-833-4652041
Guards in the 4th supervised area: Xian Cong, Yu Conghua, Zhang Zhong
The 2nd hospital of Wumaping Prison: 86-833-4652033
Wu Zhijie (director), Luo Jiachun, Li Dejun, Deng Changqing, Tian Yi, Xu Meiqin, Zhao Sujun, Xiong Rong, Zhong Xiaoping, Wang Jianqun, Lin Zhiqun
Police who took part in persecution of Falun Dafa practioners:
Luo Jiangtao, vice director of Education Branch
Yuan Dingxing, director of Political Branch