(Clearwisdom.net) According to internal sources from the Beijing Police Department, around August 25, 2006, many banners and a huge quantity of truth clarification flyers appeared from the Wudaokou to the Shangdiqinghe areas in the Haidian District of Beijing. Several dozen policemen tried to chase down and arrest the responsible Falun Dafa practitioners, who successfully escaped. CCP officials are frightened by this, and plan to investigate practitioners in Beijing's urban districts.

Some police stations are conducting a person-by-person survey of all practitioners on the "blacklist," especially those detained in forced labor camps and prisons. Policemen are going to practitioners' homes, one-by-one, asking them about their "attitude toward Falun Gong," their current cell phone numbers and other contact information, their employers, their work phone number and work location, what they were doing on August 25 and September 1, who can prove that, whether they have Internet connections, etc, etc.

On the morning of September 7, 2006, practitioner Mr. Tang You, who lives in Badachu Military District in the Shijingshan District, was arrested in his home, and his home was ransacked. There have been many practitioners arrested in the Shijingshan District. On the afternoon of August 27, 2006, practitioners Mr. Yang Peng, and his wife, Wang Ying, and Mr. Wang Zehua, etc. were arrested on the street or at home.