(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Zhou Liru, 50, was the deputy manager of Lingdong Power Industry Vacation Resort in Zhalandun City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. She was illegally detained in Shanhaiguan for one night when she went to Beijing to clarify the truth in 2000. The police from Zhalandun City then illegally escorted her back to Zhalandun City and detained her in the city detention center for fifteen days.

In early 2001, Zhu Liru and Li Yuxiang went to Beijing again to validate the Fa. The unlawful personnel constantly came to their homes to harass and to intimidate them. The police used devious methods to trick them into going to the local police station and then detained them in Zhalandun Nantou Prison. Prison guard Liang Yunbao beat Ms. Zhou with the "longest death stick" because she refused to wear a prison uniform. These torture sticks are classified as short or long, and life or death. He handcuffed Zhou Liru and Wang Chunyan together for fifteen days. One of Wang Chunyan's arms was tied to the death stick, which was tied to Zhou Liru's feet. This caused severe pain in Ms. Zhou Liru's back, hips, legs and breasts. Her breasts, in particular, suffered extreme pain.

Later, Zhou Liru was sent to Tumuji Forced Labor Camp for two years of forced labor. The camp released her early due to her deteriorating health condition. Her injured breast began to ooze pus, however the police continued to harass and intimidate her after she returned home. Both her mind and body suffered tremendously.

Zhou Liru and Chen Qiulian, also Falun Dafa practitioners, were illegally arrested in 2001 when distributing truth-clarifying materials in Zhalandun. Chen Qiulian was illegally imprisoned, while Zhou Liru was released due to a health condition. However, the police forced Ms. Zhou Liru's husband to write a guarantee statement and monitor her actions. Zhou Liru died in March 2005.

Responsible work units and perpetrators of persecution:

Liang Yunbao, Zhalandun City Detention Center
Policemen from Zhengyang Police Station, Zhalandun City
Tumuji Forced Labor Camp