August 30, 2006

( SHUANG Luan has called on Manningham residents to help end the shocking atrocities being committed in her former homeland.

Ms Luan fled to Australia in 2004 to escape the Chinese Communist Party's persecution of Falun Gong followers.

''I'd like to say thanks to the Australian people who granted me a protection visa so I can stay here,'' Ms Luan said.

''Now I have freedom of speech.''

And it was a right she was determined to use.

''In China, the persecution is still going on and getting worse because of organs being harvested from (Falun Gong) practitioners whose bodies are then being cremated on the spot,'' Ms Luan said.

''I want everyone to come together to stop the persecution. I know that together we can do it.''

Ms Luan said 80 million Chinese people had been killed since the Communist Party took power.

''In China there are still 10,000 people illegally detained in 36 concentration camps where they harvest organs from Falun Gong practitioners. People go in, but no one comes out,'' Ms Luan said.

She said awareness was the best weapon against these crimes and urged Manningham residents to spread the word to politicians, media, friends and family.