(Clearwisdom.net) On September 11, the annual National Dong Hwa University’s Club Fair was held to welcome new students. Though it rained heavily, the event was very dynamic and well-attended. The Falun Dafa Club introduced the practice’s benefits with a documentary film, demonstrated the five sets of exercises, distributed leaflets and delicate bookmarks decorated with beautiful handmade lotus flowers, and clarified the truth of the brutal persecution of the practice in China. The peaceful atmosphere of the Falun Gong booth was in dramatic contrast to the overall noisy venue.

Introducing Falun Dafa to a new student

Many new students were interested in the practice and left their contact information.

The majority of new students received the club’s leaflets and gladly accepted the Falun Dafa bookmarks. Some even came to the booth specifically to ask for the bookmarks. After listening to practitioners’ introduction of Falun Dafa, many left their contact information in order to learn more about the practice in the future.

The president of the Falun Dafa Club said: "The benefits of Falun Dafa to our members’ bodies and minds are evident. We hope to introduce this great practice to every new student. We want them to know about the Chinese Communist regime’s persecution so that Chinese people will enjoy freedom of belief and human rights soon."