(Clearwisdom.net) Practitioner Ms. Hu Keling is a teacher at the Experimental High School of Laixi City, Qingdao. She was reported for telling her students about the persecution of Falun Gong. Just before New Year's Day of 2006, she was arrested by the Qingdaolu Police Branch of Laixi City and detained at the Laixi Detention Center. She was later released, but then arrested twice more. The principal of the high school refused to pay Ms. Hu's salary, and the police officers who arrested her fined her to pay for their transportation. Details of her three arrests are as follows.

On December 31, 2005, Ms. Hu Keling was arrested by police officers from the Qingdaolu Police Branch of Laixi City. To protest the unlawful detention, Hu went on a hunger strike for a week and was then permitted to return home.

On January 21, 2006, while Ms. Hu was distributing exam papers to students, she was taken away by the Qingdaolu Police Branch of Laixi City and transported to Qingdao City. The police officers were planning to send her to a forced labor camp, but she managed to return home the same day with righteous thoughts and Teacher's protection. After the winter holiday, officials at the school at which Ms. Hu works stopped paying her salary and said that they would only pay her a monthly allowance of 380 yuan. However, even that amount has not been paid.

On the afternoon of July 13, 2006, when she was distributing textbooks to students, Ms. Hu was arrested for a third time by police officers from Laixi and detained at Dashan Detention Center in Qingdao. Ms. Hu went on a hunger strike for over 10 days, and she became very weak.

On July 24, the police officers took Ms. Hu to the Experimental High School of Laixi City from Dashan Detention Center and detained her there. Her family members were brought by the police to ask her to eat some food so that the police could persecute her further when she recovered. They were planning to sentence her to imprisonment.

Before she was transported to the high school, the perpetrators welded iron rods on the rear window of the room in which Ms. Hu would be detained to prevent her from running away. The electric heater fell onto Ms. Hu's covers and clothes, burning them. After Ms. Hu arrived at the school, the police officers guarded the door and would not allow her to leave to buy clothes. Her family members had to report to the school, and three school teachers were each asked to bring a blanket to Ms. Hu.

On the night of July 26, Ms. Hu managed to escape with Teacher's protection. However, since then she has had to lead a homeless life.

When the summer holiday was over, Ms. Hu's family members went to the school and asked for the key to her room to collect her belongings. They found the door unlocked, the windows opened widely, and everything in the room scattered on the floor. An old desk and the three blankets were taken away by the authorities. The few items that the family members had prepared for Ms. Hu were also on the floor.

One of Ms. Hu's family members asked the school principal what he was going to do about the burned personal items and Ms. Hu's salary. The principal replied, "Everything needs to be dealt with when Ms. Hu Keling is back. No one else can do that for her." The family member asked, "What about her salary for the past several months? Can her daughter come sign for her and take it home?" The principal answered, "Her salary is not enough to pay for the transportation and meals for the police officers who came to arrest and watch her. Her allowance is 380 yuan per month; the total for the several months is around 1,000 yuan, so our school had to supplement the rest. Everything has to wait until she comes back."