(Clearwisdom.net) On August 6, 2006, police from Binhe Police Station in the Pinggu District, together with police from the National Security Bureau, illegally arrested Lu Jianping and Mu Dongya, a couple in the Pinggu District. This left their young daughter and her grandmother, who is over 70, living alone together, and their life is very difficult.

At 9 a.m. on August 3, Mao Zhenjiang, a practitioner in Duoyukou Town in the Pinggu District, was arrested at home.

The above three practitioners are now being held in Pinggu District Detention Center.

Zhang Peihua used to be the National Security Head of the Pinggu District Police Department. Last year he led a team to confiscate the household belongings of Ma Zhanquan and Tian Shurong, a couple that live in the Pinggu District. Zhang also signed the arrest certificate. This year, Zhang was transferred to the position of Yukou Town Police Station head in the Pinggu District, where he continues to persecute practitioners.

On June 20, 2006, five practitioners were arrested at home in Zhangzuo Village, Jinhaihu Town, the Pinggu District. Except for practitioner Ms. Ma Shuhua, 59, the other four practitioners have returned home. Ms. Ma is now still detained in the Pinggu District Detention Center.

Around 9:30 am on July 20, 2006, Yukou Town Police Station Head Zhang Peihua, together with about seven people from the Pinggu District including Wang Xiaohua, arrested practitioners Cui Ruyi, Zhang Chunhong, Liu Guifen, and Chen Youwen in their homes.

Practitioners Mr. Ma Zhanquan and his wife, Ms. Tian Shurong, have been sentenced to three years of detention. Ms. Tian is currently detained in Daxing Women's Forced Labor Camp Division 8 in Beijing, and Ma Zhanquan is detained in a prison in Tianjin City. This couple's son, Ma Jian, is in the fifth grade. After the arrest of both of his parents, Ma Jian has to live with his elderly grandparents. Without any income, their lives are tough, and they cannot afford to pay for Ma Jian's tuition. They are also regularly harassed by thugs.

Li Xiaofeng, another practitioner in the Pinggu District, was sentenced to one and a half years in a labor camp in 2001. After being released, Li Xiaofeng cultivated diligently, recovered quickly, and soon joined truth-clarification efforts. In March this year during the National Congress, staff from the National Protection Office and the 610 Office arrested Li Xiaofeng again and confiscated his property.

Zhang Haicheng, a practitioner in the Pinggu District, was reported by someone while clarifying the truth to others in Dulihaoting Community. His whereabouts are currently unknown, and we hope anyone who has information will please share it with us.

We hope that practitioners in the Pinggu District and surrounding areas will send forth righteous thoughts to support and/or rescue detained practitioners and do well with their truth-clarifying efforts. We also remind practitioners to look within and cultivate well. The recent arrests by police suggest there may be omissions for us as one body.

Contact information of individuals and agencies responsible:

Pinggui District Police Department:

Office: 86-10-69961271

Political Unit: 86-10-69962726

National Security Protection Unit in Pinggui District Police Department: 86-10-69962880 Wang Xiaohua, Zhang Daming, Zhang Peihua

Zhang Yijun, male, 31 years old, criminal division of Pinggui District Police Department. Home phone: 86-10-69967905

Suburb Police Station: 86-10-69961203

Pinggu District Detention Center: 86-10-69961219

Pinggu District Justice Department: 86-10-69967348, 86-10-69962733

Pinggu District Procuratorate Department: 86-10-69962366, 86-10-69962929

Pinggu District People's Congress: 86-10-69961925, 86-10-69961633 (fax)

Pinggu District Political Consultation Committee: 86-10-69961343, 86-10-69961246

Pinggu District Government: 86-10-69962218, 86-10-69962356, 86-10-69963431 (fax)

Pinggu District Party Committee: 86-10-69961305, 86-10-69962324, 86-10-69962302; Appealing office: 86-10-69961899

Hao Baolian, Deputy Party Secretary of Jinhaihu Town, and also Political Judicial Committee Party Secretary, home: 86-10-69992425, 86-10-9991187

Cell: 86-13641132820