(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Yu Changshun is originally from Daliba Village, Daliba Township, Songyuan City, Jilin Province. He is currently employed as the Dalian City representative for certain products from the Shenyang City Region in Liaoning Province. On August 2, 2006, he led a group of employees selling the products in the Wanli neighborhood in the Development District. Police officers from Wanli Station arrested him and beat him until his head was bleeding. He is still detained in the district detention center and has been on a hunger strike since he was first arrested. We have learned that he is now paralyzed, incontinent, and unable to take care of himself. He is in critical condition.

Officials from the detention center, Wanli Police Station, and the District 610 Office are still covering up Mr. Yu's severe case. The 610 Office head, Xu Yun'gang, is "out on a business trip," and Wanli Police Station Head Wang Peizhong is trying to avoid meeting with anyone, directing people to the police department or the 610 Office.

Mr. Yu Changshun was arrested in Shenyang City on July 7, 2001, and severely tortured. He was later sentenced to three years of forced labor and sent to Dalian City Forced Labor Camp, where he was tortured until he became paralyzed and diagnosed with a complicated syndrome. His family picked him up on November 17, 2003. Through studying the Fa and doing the exercises, he recovered miraculously. He is now paralyzed again due to tortures received in Wanli Police Station and the Development District Detention Center. We hope all the world's people with a conscience will help end the unreasonable detentions and persecution of Mr. Yu Changshun and other Falun Dafa practitioners.

Political and Security Office of Development District Police Department: 86-411-88969073, 86-411-88969907, ext. 9077 or 9075.

Xu Yun'gang, male: 86-411-88969363, ext. 9388

Wanli Police Station Head Wang Peizhong, male: 86-411-87687198

Policeman Yu Junhua (male), 86-411-88969759

Development District Detention Center: 86-411-87655257, 86-411-87635074, 86-411-87635288

Ward Xing Rujia, male

Political Director Fu Wenqing, male

Deputy Ward Sun Zhonghai, male