(Clearwisdom.net) Master requires us to do three things. Recently I have seen that Falun Dafa disciples who do these three things well each wear a big red flower on the chest. The flowers are very beautiful and it seems that they are waiting for the celebration day to come. Those who do not do well also wear flowers on the chest, but their flower are small and not very pretty. Those who enlightened to evil have festers all over their bodies. Their bodies are black with gray smoke all around. The same for those fellow practitioners who cannot step out.

There are differences between them when they send forth right thoughts. Those who are clear minded with powerful righteous thoughts have bodies that are covered with a strong white light while sending forth righteous thoughts. The supernatural power they send forth not only eliminates the evil forces from their own dimensions, but also helps other practitioners to eliminate evil. Those who are not clear-minded, without strong righteous thoughts, are covered with gray and black light. They cannot even clean their own dimensions.

Due to my limited level, these are only what I see at my present cultivation status. Please take the Fa as the teacher.