(Clearwisdom.net) On August 28, 2006, the Subordinate Court of Singapore heard the case of two practitioners who were charged by Singapore's police with "disturbing others with humiliating words." About 100 Falun Dafa practitioners from Australia, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, The United States, Malaysia as well as from local areas came to the courtyard daily, quietly sending righteous thoughts to eliminate all evil and Chinese Communist Party (CCP) evil spirits who are persecuting Falun Dafa in Singapore, and to support the two practitioners and their lawyers.

I arrived in Singapore on the evening of August 28. From August 29 to September 1, I and other practitioners sent righteous thoughts in the courtyard. From August 29 to 31, we practitioners could enter the Subordinate Court just as did other people. There was no problem for us to bring Falun Dafa books and truth materials to the courtyard. But the situation changed when entering the Supreme Court.

At 9:00 a.m. in the morning of August 30, about 100 practitioners arrived at the Supreme Court. Our lawyer submitted the appeal. Practitioners were entering through the security checks from both sides of the gates. The security guards confiscated the book Zhuan Falun and some truth clarifying materials I and other practitioners had brought with them. We were told we could have them back upon leaving. Afterwards some local practitioners said they had reminded other practitioners not to bring Zhuan Falun to the Supreme Court. Some other local practitioners suggested the next day that we should not allow them to confiscate our books, unless they show a written law that Zhuan Falun is not allowed in the Supreme Court.

On the morning of August 31, the Supreme Court was listening to the lawyer's appeal and deciding whether the appeal would be accepted. At around 9:00 a.m., about 100 practitioners showed up. When I was about to enter from the left gate, the security guard asked me where I was heading. After I answered "4C," he asked me to enter from the right gate. I and other practitioners had to go to the right side and line up. Meantime the left gate had no line. This time, they searched practitioners thoroughly. Zhuan Falun, the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and other truth materials were all forbidden to be brought into the court room. Everything with "Falun Dafa" written on it was kept by the guards.

On my backpack there were two pins. One has "Falun Dafa Is Good" and "Zhen Shan Ren" written on it. This pin was taken off by the guard. After asking his supervisor, he did not allow me to bring it in (it was OK to take it in on August 30). Another pin that said "Life Needs Zhen Shan Ren" was left on the backpack. I also noticed the security guards looked carefully at every piece of paper we had with us. They even checked some practitioners wallets. But at the left side gate, no guard had asked about materials ordinary people were bringing in.

When some practitioners tried to reason this unfair treatment with the security guard and ask for written explanation, the guards started to stop practitioners who hadn't entered from entering, and they refused to provide any written explanation. A leader of the security said: "If you don't cooperate, it will delay you entering the court." At this time, in order to get inside to send right righteous thoughts, the practitioners who were outside compromised. They gave their Dafa books to a practitioner to watch, and they called the practitioner who was reasoning with the guards to stop for the moment. That day, almost no one brought in their Falun Dafa books (there were a few practitioners who brought the books in with their strong righteous thoughts). Ms. Dai Zhizheng, from Australia, said the security tried to stop her from bringing in her notebook which had "Falun Dafa is Good" written on the cover. But she insisted and was allowed to bring it in eventually.

The result from the Supreme Court on August 31 was that the appeal was rejected.

On the morning of September 1, the security guards forbid me from bringing certain truth materials into the Subordinate Court, while the same material was allowed in several days ago. I also noticed the number of security guards in front of the gates doubled.

All this showed that they received orders from higher officials to strictly check Falun Dafa practitioners. Zhuan Falun, all materials with "Falun Dafa" written on them, as well as the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party were not allowed inside the Supreme Court. As it said, it was preparing to fight against Falun Dafa.

Some people may think that the reason the Supreme Court does not allow Falun Dafa books is because the case is related to Falun Gong. Maybe there is some obscure law that forbids such materials to be taken in. But I think this is wrong. The case was charging two practitioners with "disturbing others with humiliating words," but not Falun Gong. The charges related to personal actions, not their beliefs. For example, if a Christian takes Bible to the Supreme Court, would they detain the book? No. Singapore has no such law.

This was a so called test of Falun Dafa practitioners, arranged by the old forces. This was controlled by the evil and CCP evil spirits from other dimensions. We should not agree to cooperate with them (but toward ordinary people we should be compassionate).

I think when we compromised, we did not understand, or we forgot, the true purpose of our coming to Singapore, to the court. Our goal was to send righteous thoughts and eliminate the evil, to clarify the truth and save sentient beings, to protect Dafa and reach higher levels together. We did not come here for just entering the court and winning the case. Perhaps we had attachments, and only thought of getting inside to send righteous thoughts. The old forces used our attachments and we followed what the old forces arranged. We did not protect the Fa. This was a painful lesson.

In fact, if we could keep our righteous thoughts, place the Fa above everything else, not compromise on any unreasonable request, and form one-body, the evil would be gone automatically. We could get into the Supreme Court open and aboveboard. Furthermore, even though we could not enter the court, we could still send our righteous thoughts from outside, we could still clarify the truth and expose the evil, exposing the evil acts of the Singaporean government who are trying to please the evil CCP. The righteous thoughts only take effect when we are righteous ourselves.

September 7, 2006