(Clearwisdom.net) Ever since Jiang Zemin and his group began the persecution of Falun Dafa on July 20, 1999, certain personnel from the Local Tax Bureau of Nong'an County, Jilin Province have been aggressively persecuting Falun Dafa practitioner Pan Gang. Practitioners and other conscientious insiders have collected evidence of the criminal acts of Bureau Chief Zhang Yiwen and Jiang Rihong of Nongan County's Local Tax Bureau, where Pan Gang worked. The information is now being presented to the public.

Pan Gang, a Falun Dafa practitioner, was an employee at the Local Tax Bureau in Nongan County. Upon his release from the Jiutai Forced Labor Camp at the beginning of February 2002, he received a notice to return to work, which was sent by the unit Bureau Chief, Mr. Peng. After returning to work, the Section Chief Jiang Rihong of the Human Resources Department failed to pay his wages and stopped all his benefits. At the beginning of April, they illegally stopped him from working. After changes in the leadership of the unit were implemented, Zhang Yiwen became the Bureau Chief, and Jiang Rihong became the Assistant Bureau Chief and the Head of the Human Resources Department. These two conspired, claimed they needed the approval from higher authorities, and prohibited Pan Gang from working. In order to make a living, Pan Gang wanted to look for another job. However, not only did they forbid him to seek other employment, but they also ordered him to "report" to work every day.

Without a source of income, Pan Gang's family of six, including his children and parents, could not sustain their living situation. By the end of June, his aging parents were forced to move to the countryside, splitting the family apart.

It was not until the beginning of August 2002, after Pan Gang made inquiries about his job situation at the Human Resources Department of the Local Tax Bureau in Changchun City, that he found out that his unit leaders had deceived him and their superiors.

After their conspiracy was exposed, Jiang Rihong ordered Pan Gang to report to the Party Office on a daily basis. One morning in late September, Jiang Rihong ordered the police officers from Baota Police Station to arrest Pan Gang and take him to the brainwashing center. At the brainwashing center, they told Pan Gang that if he does not write the "Five Statements" to renounce Falun Gong, he would be sent to a forced labor camp. Pan Gang was aware of the cruelty and the evil inside the reeducation camp. In 2001 at the Jiutai Forced Labor Camp, Pan Gang lost both his big toe nails and two front teeth, and had a rib broken from being kicked and beaten. The mental abuse was even worse and extremely cruel.

Pan Gang did not cooperate with them though. On the third night of his detention, he held on to a telephone line and jumped from the third floor. He dislocated a lumbar vertebra from the fall. After Pan Gang escaped from the brainwashing center, his work unit colluded with the police department and searched for him everywhere, forcing him to become homeless and destitute. After his injury healed, he told authorities at the Changchun City Local Tax Bureau about the persecution by the people of the Nongan County Local Tax Bureau. Party Affairs Secretary Mr. Qu came to receive him. He claimed that no justification was needed when it comes to dealing with Falun Gong practitioners, and wanted to detain Pan Gang. Pan Gang quickly left the Changchun City Local Tax Bureau.

In early 2003, Pan Gang was illegally arrested and sent to a forced labor camp. At the Zhaoyanggou Forced Labor Camp in Changchun City, he was brutally tortured many times. They locked him up in a small cell for 33 days, did not give him bedding, and handcuffed him for nine days. One time they handcuffed him continuously for 20 some hours, until his wrists suppurated with pus. They force-fed him and knocked out three of his front teeth. His lower body was suppurating from the torture and he could not wear pants for months.

After Pan Gang's release from the reeducation camp, he was then sent to the brainwashing center. The continuous persecution and torture caused him to become absent minded and his aging mother soon died from distress and sorrow.

After Pan Gang's release from the brainwashing center, Zhang Yiwen and Jiang Rihong still would not allow him to go back to work, and deprived him of all the government employees' benefits. In January 2005, Pan Gang went to the Local Tax Bureau in Changchun to again inquire about his job. The Human Resources Department Division Head Mr. Wang and Party Affairs Secretary Mr. Qu met with him. Mr. Qu told Pan Gang, "Don't come here to inquire about your job and wages anymore or we'll find a place where you can have something to eat (note: meaning to send him to prison)."

On February 2, 2005 when Pan Gang went to his work unit, Bureau Chief Zhang Yiwen ordered police to detain him and the National Guard Brigade to arrest him. When Pan Gang asked people of the National Guard Brigade why they were arresting people without reason, they answered him, "Your Unit Chief Mr. Zhang plotted against you, claiming that you were causing trouble at work. We are just following orders and carrying out our duty." Afterwards, the Local Tax Bureau treated the people of the National Guard Brigade to a meal and some drinks, cementing their underhanded deal.

On February 6, 2005, Zhang Yiwen sent his driver with a fake permit in order to transfer Pan Gang to the Changchun Zhaoyanggou Forced Labor Camp. Upon hearing that the Local Tax Bureau was treating them to lunch, the National Guard Brigade people took Pan Gang from the entrance of the Forced Labor Camp to the Health Center, then from the Health Center to the third floor of a forced labor camp that was far away.

Because Pan Gang resisted the persecution and torture, he was often brutally beaten at the forced labor camp. At the end of March, he was transferred to the Weizigou Forced Labor Camp. They locked him away in a small cell for 150 days and hung him up in the air for 60 days. One time they hung him in the air continuously for 18 hours, causing deformity in his body and both legs. As a result, he lost consciousness many times. During this period, Pan Gang's father was worried about his son's life and became mentally unstable. Not long afterwards, he passed away without seeing his son again.

After Pan Gang's release in early February 2006, Mr. Cheng Keshi, Human Resources Department Section Chief from Nongan County Local Tax Bureau, notified him to report to work on February 16. However, no one was there to receive him when he arrived. On March 1, Mr. Chen Keshi summoned him and read to him a so-called "document" written by the Nongan County Local Tax Bureau, and requested Pan Gang to report to the Local Tax Bureau Party Office every day, but since it was not considered work, they would not pay any wages and benefits.

Zhang Yiwen and Jiang Rihong from the Local Tax Bureau not only abused their power, but also deprived Pan Gang of all the government employees' benefits, including his bonus in 2000 and two months of salary in 2002. So far, they have not paid his salary and benefits for 68 months. There is no record of his salary payment in the high-level management's accounting books, it was recorded as "miscellaneous expenses" in the bookkeeping records.

According to the stipulation of Government Officials Law, Pan Gang has been working for 30 years and qualifies for early retirement. On March 2006, he applied for retirement, but they have been delaying his application.

The Nongan County Local Tax Bureau Chief Zhang Yiwen and Jiang Rihong's stopping practitioner Pan Gang from working is against the Labor Law, the Criminal Law, and the Government Officials Law. All his unpaid salaries and benefits amount to approximately 100,000 yuan of accounting fraud.

Pan Gang's clarification of the truth about Falun Gong was for the benefit of others, whereas Zhang Yiwen and Jiang Rihong acted according to selfish reasons. Their long term and cruel torture of Pan Gang have already caught the attention of international investigative organizations.

Bureau Chief, Zhang Yiwen: 86-431-3236186 (office), 86-431-3228956 (home), 86-13756343333 (cell)

Assistant Bureau Chief, Jiang Rihong: 86-431-3222048 (office), 86-431-3269500 (home), 86-13044983833 (cell)

Personnel Department Section Chief, Chen Keshi: 86-431-3223751 (office), 86-13596122000 (cell)

August 13, 2006