(Clearwisdom.net) A practitioner told me about his dream and it went like the following:

Once, I was staying in a woman's home (she, her mother and daughter are all practitioners). At that time, her husband was still detained in a labor camp and his term of two and half years was about to end. One night I had a dream and I enlightened from it. During breakfast, I told her the dream:

In the dream, I came to a very tall mountain and I was not able to see its top. I flew up towards the top and reached a very high place. When I ascended further, I understood that the different altitudes of the mountain matched the layers of heaven. When I felt that I had reached the middle to high layers, I saw gods flying out of the mountain. They stopped and saluted me, but they anxiously said, "Would you help our God? She has made a big mistake." I looked in the direction they pointed, to a place beneath the earth, and a lady was sitting in a cage with disheveled hair and untidy clothes. Her head was bowed and she was in extreme pain. Looking further down, I saw the fire of hell.

I felt pain in my heart and I knew that she had made a big mistake with lust. Because she was a practitioner, the fire from hell had not touched her. I pitied her and extended my hand to try to grab her hand and bring her up. When I was about to reach out my hand, I didn't feel like it was the right thing to do: Did she realize her mistake? How could I casually bring her up?

At this moment, I woke up.

This female practitioner's face changed color and she didn't know what to say. She left for work uneasily. I believed that she would know what to choose and walk this step well.

At night, she came back and finally had the courage to tell me about her mistake. I enlightened that Master wanted to see if we treasure ourselves or treasure our predestined relationship. If we can do well from the start again, we would be lucky to have another chance. However, there are not many opportunities left, so let's treasure them.