My Introduction To Falun Gong

When I attended middle school in China, I heard the word "Falun Gong" for the first time in my life. My father's two sisters said that the effect of practicing Falun Gong was pretty good and suggested to my mother, who had been suffering from diseases for a long time, that she also practice Falun Gong. My mother accepted their suggestion, yet she didn't learn the exercises of Falun Gong until half a year later.

My remembrance of that day is very clear. My two aunties were happily playing the video tapes of Falun Gong's exercises movements demonstrated by Master Li and teaching us the five sets of exercises. When I conjoined my hands at my lower abdominal area for the first time, I felt as if I were holding a hot ball in my hands. Although I could not see it with my naked eyes, I could feel that it really existed. When I think back, I believe that at that moment a bond was established that has connected me tightly to Dafa ever since. However, I only understood that Dafa was great and that one should be a good person, but I did not truly realize how immense the Fa was.

The last time that I saw my two aunties was New Year's day in 1999. Their skin looked smooth and fair and their youthful appearance made a deep impression on me. The younger aunt had previously suffered from a lung disease which had caused her complexion to be yellowish with blotches on her face that even cosmetics could not cover. However, when I met with her that day, her skin looked very fair and she was amazingly healthy and energetic. My other aunty had always been hot tempered at home and in the work place where she always blamed others for her troubles. After cultivating in Dafa, her character improved dramatically. On one occasion, she was baby-sitting for a friend; the baby was happy and content staying with my aunt but when the parent held the baby, he coughed and was upset and cranky. It was really like what Master says:

"People within your field may unintentionally have their illnesses healed since this field can rectify all abnormal conditions. " ( Zhuan Falun)

After the "self-immolation" incident on Tiananmen Square, my two aunties peacefully appealed for Falun Gong to the government, and as a result, they were illegally detained. Several months later, I heard from my father that my aunties had been released after having tens of thousands of yuan extorted from them.

Return to the path of cultivation

Years later, I came to Ireland and had the opportunity to meet Dafa disciples once again. When I watched the videotapes of Master's nine days' Fa lecture in Dalian, I could not help but cry. I realized that Falun Dafa is what I had been searching for the past few years. Finally I resumed my practice and began to walk along the path of true cultivation.

Eliminate the attachment of fear

At the end of 2003, when I told my father that I had chosen to cultivate in Falun Dafa, he strongly objected. He told me that my two aunties had kept practicing Falun Gong even after they were sent to the emergency room because of their illnesses. I knew that it was either further elimination of karma or a state caused by the evil's interference. This incident caused misunderstandings among my relatives and thus my father had a negative impression of Dafa. At that time, I wasn't studying the Fa well or doing well the three things that Dafa disciples of the Fa-rectification period should do. Thus my attachment of fear showed up and my determination to cultivate wavered. I did not attend group Fa study.

I didn't realize that I had not done well until all kinds of the "illness karma" hit me severely. When I realized what had happened, I made up my mind to, once again, firmly cultivate. That evening, I practiced all five sets of the exercises and by the next morning, all of the karmic reactions had totally disappeared. HowHowever, my righteous thoughts were still not strong and my human notions and the attachments came up again after the pain was over. Later on, I had severe pain in my back as if I was being broken in the middle. I couldn't even walk by myself by the time I returned home that night. My neighbour brought me some medicine but I immediately realised that this was a "xinxing test". Although I refused to take the medicine my mind was still not firm. On the following day, I made a phone call to a fellow practitioner and shared my experiences briefly with him. He frankly pointed out that it was my attachment of fear. At that moment, I had a strong righteous thought that I would steadfastly cultivate. Immediately, I felt something release. At that moment I realized that it was Master who shouldered the karma for me.

From then on, I have stepped forward to tell people about the beauty of Dafa and have clarified the truth about the persecution. I strive to do the three things well and have walked towards maturity gradually with the help of my fellow practitioners. The fellow practitioner who pointed out to me my attachment of fear became later became my husband.

The wisdom endowed by Dafa

Before obtaining the Fa, I was not good at sharing my thoughts with other people. However, after I cultivated in Dafa and clarified the truth about Dafa on the street, words easily came out in a perfect order and many people have praised my ability to express myself. I know that it is the wisdom bestowed upon me by Dafa. When I have a compassionate heart, the knowing sides of other people feel it and I can see the appreciation in their eyes.

Cultivating the heart is most excruciating

Consciously, I have genuinely cultivated in Dafa for more than a year. When my xinxing improved a little bit, great changes took place in my body and I became more beautiful. I didn't feel that cultivation practice was that difficult. Sometimes when I saw conflicts between other practitioners or conflicts that appeared to be unsolvable between some couples, I did not understand. However after I became a wife and mother I began to understand how difficult cultivation can be. My husband helped me a lot in improving my understanding of the Fa and I soon understood that cultivation is impossible if there are no conflicts to learn from. How can one cultivate without any conflicts?

During the first month after giving birth to my baby, I did not keep up with Fa study and did not look inward when running into problems. My husband and I became unhappy with one another. Even worse, something was wrong with my body. I felt an unusual extrusion at the bottom of my chest bone. I became annoyed and worried trying to figure out what it was. So I went to see a doctor.

The doctor found that my baby was in good spirits and he told me to make an appointment to have the baby immunized. Later I realised that this was a test to determine my steadfastness in Dafa. Although the strange part inside my body did not disappear, I let go of the attachment of being worried about it and did whatever I needed to do. Even if there is some demonic interference, nothing can really interfere with me as long as I do well the three things that Dafa disciples should do and behave in an upright manner.

After letting go of this attachment, I saw other attachments that needed to be removed. Soon both my husband and my neighbour began to remind me that I should be looking inside myself. I wondered in my heart why they were telling me to do this. After all, it was tough for me to look after a baby all by myself and I also had do all the housework. I quickly realised that something was not right with me. I listened to audio tapes of Master's Fa lecture repeatedly. Finally, I enlightened to the point that I was a practitioner, and everything that I encountered during my cultivation was arranged for me to reach consummation. No matter what other people said, I should measure their words with the criterion of Zhen-Shan-Ren and the standards of the Fa. When some difficulties emerge, I should look at them as opportunities to cultivate myself and thus overcome them. When I encounter any problems, I should not be afraid to talk to others about it and receive their help. If there is anything I have not done well, I should face it squarely and thus rectify myself.

The first time that I told my husband about what he had not done well, he was very unhappy and said that one should seek inward in cultivation. I asked him, "If I do not tell a fellow practitioner when I see them holding onto attachments instead of discarding them, would I be practising Zhen? Would I be practising Shan? I would not be practising Ren either. One's heart should be calm. When dealing with other people, one should let go all his or her attachments and genuinely consider the other person first. This is real Ren. My husband did not say anything upon hearing this but he apologized to me the next day. Gradually, I came to understand that "After letting go of sentiment, there is mercy and compassion, which is a more wonderful thing." I have also experienced the pains and tribulations of cultivation, however, whenever I endeavor to let go of my attachments. Looking back, I always wonder how the karma made by myself, life after life, could really be passed so easily? How much Master has endured for his disciples.

After my baby was one month old, I attended the group Fa study again and resumed truth clarification activities. I was very happy to come back, and at the same time I also felt that I couldn't keep up with the process of Fa-rectification well.

On one occasion more than a year ago, I went to a place where many Chinese people live to distribute the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. Many people showed up and surrounded me. They criticized me in a very bad manner. During this event, I didn't send forth righteous thoughts or clarify the truth to them properly. For a long period after that, demons showed up and chased me in my dreams. In the beginning, I did not take this seriously. For one month after my baby was born, I had been very tired because for the whole night I was constantly running away from demons in my dreams. After a period of trying my best to study the Fa well, send forth righteous thoughts and clarify the truth, this phenomena disappeared and has never come back.

I had another dream not so long ago. In this dream, I went somewhere and met with a person at a bus station. He died for an unknown reason. However, others blamed me for not saving him. And then when I arrived at the second station, I saw a big bus full of passengers. Originally, they were staying in the shadow of two big trees. However, the shadow of the trees disappeared for no reason and they died as well. Others also blamed me for causing their deaths. It was mid-night and I jumped out of my bed, desperate to save them. Then I realised that it was a dream. I understood that it was a hint given by Master to remind me. Because I had not clarified the truth clearly, many people who had predestined relationships with Dafa had not quit the evil CCP and neither had they been clear about the truth of Falun Dafa.

The next day, when I went to an open event, many people stopped, listened to my clarifying the truth about Dafa and accepted the Nine Commentaries. At the end of the event, my fellow practitioners encouraged me by giving me positive feedback.

A being's knowing side can understand. For the past several days, I have bumped into a number of my friends one after another and I feel how urgent it is to save people. Time is very tight.

Dafa is spreading and human hearts are rectified; helping Master to rectify the Fa, there is no way to say that we should be tired. I wish that even more people who have predestined relationships with Dafa can learn the truth, obtain the Fa and be saved.

Due to my own cultivation status and the many attachments that I still have to let go of, if there is anything improper in my sharing , please kindly point it out to me.

Thank you Master. Thank you, everyone.