(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Quan Fu, a Falun Dafa practitioner from Yushu City, Jilin Province, began practicing in 1996. He has benefited from the practice both physically and spiritually.

On July 20, 1999, the Chinese Communist Party started to defame and persecute Falun Dafa in the media. Quan Fu couldn't keep silent. He wanted to speak up for Falun Dafa and to say that Falun Dafa is a righteous cultivation way and that what the media say are all lies. He went to appeal based on this fact. The officials of the Appeal Office, however, did not show any justice. Moreover, Quan Fu witnessed peaceful and rational Falun Dafa practitioners being arrested everywhere. Many police cars were parked alongside the roadway of the Appeal Office. Anyone who went there was surrounded by a group of plainclothes police officers, and then interrogated with questions such as, "Was this person going there to appeal?" and "Did he practice Falun Dafa?" If the answer was "yes," he would be arrested and taken into the police car. The police claimed that they would take the arrested practitioners to a place where they could appeal. In the constitution, it is regulated that people have the right to appeal, while in reality, a practitioner's rights are deprived and squelched by Jiang regime criminals.

Practitioners who were arrested were later sent to the Beijing Branch of the Changchun Affairs Office. When they arrived there, one room had already been filled with practitioners. In the afternoon, the officials ordered the practitioners to surrender money to them. Some were fined 200 to 300 yuan, while others were forced to surrender all they had. Everyone surrendered money to the officials. Although they had bought berth tickets for the trip back to Changchun, five practitioners were handcuffed together to each berth. The official responsible for taking the practitioners back was the Chief of Branch 7 of the Changchun Police Department. He bought only one berth ticket for every five practitioners and verbally abused them. The officials kept the money they extorted from the practitioners for themselves. Eighty practitioners were taken back to Changchun that time.

Upon arrival in Changchun, other practitioners and I were taken back to Yushu City by local police. Each of us was forced to surrender 150 yuan as a taxi fee. A local policeman named Hu Manshan collected the money, but he never showed us the receipt. After we got to the Police Station of Yushu City, each Dafa practitioner was beaten heavily, and we were detained without any legal proceedings.

Mr. Quan Fu was detained twice by the Yushu City Public Security, 18 days the first time and 40 days the second time. In the detention center, he was not given enough food. He was cold and hungry. Despite this, he was forced to do labor every day, to dig a fish pond, carry sand, reap crops, build houses, and pave the road with bricks. The police tried to shake the righteous belief of practitioners by all means, so as to destroy their strong will.

In 2001, Chengfa Village police went to Mr. Quan Fu's house to harass him. His family was frightened and upset. Their normal life was disturbed. Mr. Quan was forced to leave his home to find labor work outside of his village. Mr. Quan went back home when the weather turned cold. At 10:00 p.m. on November 23, 2001, Li Yanwen, a Chengfa Village policeman, Senior Zhang, a driver, Liu Lixin,Yongfu Village security director, and Zhang Zhiping, Xinyi Village security police, went to Mr. Quan's house and forced the door open. The door was broken. They pulled Mr. Quan up while he was sleeping. Li Yanwen jumped onto the bed and held him down, then handcuffed him by one hand while the others handcuffed his other hand. Liu Lixin took away all of his Dafa books and tapes. Mr. Quan was forcibly taken to Chengfa Police Station and handcuffed to a tiger bench. His wrists were injured by the handcuffs. The chief of the police station, Zhang Xiaofeng, cursed him while beating him, saying, "You guys should be punished."

On the second day, Mr. Quan Fu was subjected to intimidation by the police. He was also forced to give a sample of his handwriting, be fingerprinted, and have his photo taken. Officers Zhang Xiaofeng and Liu Lixin sent him to the Public Security Bureau of Yushu City at 6:00 a.m., which is much earlier than the official hours. Upon arrival there, the staff of the Public Security Bureau asked Zhang Xiaofeng if he had filled the quota. Zhang Xiaofeng answered, "There are two more to be filled." Then the staff of the Public Security Bureau said, "There are more practitioners in some villages, so just use them as substitutes." Mr. Quan Fu then came to realize that the Chengfa Village Police Station had arrested him in order to meet the quota set by the superior level. Malfeasants escaped the law while good people were arrested at will.

Shi Hailin from the Public Security Bureau took notes at Quan Fu's detention hearing. Mr. Quan was given 15 days detention. However, when it came to the sixteenth day, Mr. Quan was released and sent to the reception room, where Zhang Xiaofeng and three others were waiting for him. Zhang Xiaofeng handcuffed Mr. Quan Fu again. He said that Mr. Quan had been sentenced to one year of forced labor. Mr. Quan was persecuted by Zhang Xiaofeng and Li Yanwen at the Public Security of Yushu City and imprisoned in the labor camp for one year. Later, someone said that the Chengfa Police Station continued to monitor Mr. Quan. He had been arrested that time because a man named Zhang in his village reported to the police that he had returned home. Zhang later obtained a reported fee of 300 yuan from Mr. Quan's elderly mother, who was still in misery. However, Zhang has been punished with karmic retribution ever since; one day he fell from a truck and nearly died and his wife also became sick. He also spent several thousand yuan to pay for his wife's car. They were enlightened from this retribution.

Mr. Quan Fu was imprisoned in Jiutai Yinmahe Labor Camp for one year. He was later forced to undergo an additional 4 months of forced labor. During that period, he was overworked. In the winter, he was forced to work on reaped paddy, sweep the snow and walk squarely. In the summer, he was forced to weed and work in the construction field under the burning sun. In the autumn, he was forced to reap in the field in heavy rain. In the spring, he was forced to transplant rice seedlings in the paddy field. He was beaten by police with electric batons on his head, face, neck, penis, thigh, and other parts of his body. However, no forcible means could change him. Through the whole process, righteousness and evil were displayed.

On March 20, 2005, a car suddenly stopped in front of Mr. Quan Fu while he was waiting for the bus at the entrance of the village. Three people from Chengfa Police Station, including Li Yanwen and Senior Zhang, jumped out of the car and pushed Mr. Quan into it. Mr. Quan asked them why he was being arrested. Li Yanwen said they would tell him after they got to the police station.

Upon arrival at the police station, Mr. Quan was handcuffed to a bed. Zhang Xiaofeng said, "It is not we who are looking for you. It is the National Protection Team. It is because you logged onto the websites." Half an hour later, they took Mr. Quan home, where Zhang Deqing, Qili, Shi Hailin and others were already waiting outside. The door was locked. Zhang Deqing forcibly opened the door with a ruler and broke into the house; they searched but found no evidence with which to incriminate him. Later, they took Mr. Quan to the Public Security Bureau again. They threatened him by using the materials confiscated from his wife during her last arrest. He was ordered to tell where the materials came from. On their way to the detention house, policemen Qili and Zhang Deqing said, "We got 5 more points this time. He will be sentenced to forced labor again." Mr. Quan was forcibly sent to Chaoyanggou Labor Camp. The judgment was approved by Changchun City.

Mr. Quan Fu's wife was also arrested. People from Chengfa Village Police Station and the National Protection Team confiscated 1700 yuan and Dafa books. Mr. Quan's wife had cold water poured over her and was locked to the iron chair for three days and two nights, during which period she was not allowed to close her eyes. Fifteen days of torture almost killed her. She was released when she could no longer move one of her arms.