(Clearwisdom.net) Recently, major newspapers reported two pieces of information: One, that the Chongqing City Police Department requested that home Internet users go register with the Police Department; otherwise the Internet users would be punished, even forbidden the use of the Internet for as long as six months. Previous reports stated that only creating a website required police registration.

The other piece of information revealed that it would cost 276 million yuan to set up the street monitoring network in Chengdu City within one year. There would be 24-hour monitoring sites along the main streets of the six districts in the city. In addition, the head of the monitors could swivel 360 degrees, and police would retain the images for a week for examination. The monitors would be installed on the bustling streets, entertainment places, the key work units, and at all the schools. They set up this network under the guise of ensuring an efficient way to deal with sudden incidents, monitoring public security along a complex section of a road, finding evidence to supply reliable clues for solving a crime, and generally reinforcing civil surveillance.

These latest developments remind us that, although the book, the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party has been published some time ago, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has never publicly responded to it. They are afraid that Chinese citizens will become aware of the evildoing of the CCP, so that they would not likely continue to be fooled and taken advantage of. Setting up such an elaborate surveillance system exposes all and everything the Chinese people do in public. In other words, the CCP minions are afraid that Chinese citizens will read and spread the Nine Commentaries, will expose the atrocity of harvesting organs from living Falun Gong practitioners, and will begin to know about the illegal methods of persecuting Falun Gong. They are afraid that Chinese citizens will become suddenly aware that their information is blocked from overseas freely-accessible websites. The CCP is attempting ever more blatantly to deceive the Chinese citizens by blocking information, because they are very afraid that people will find out that the CCP is the source of all kinds of atrocities. Chinese citizens can get truthful information in only two ways: one is from the Internet, and the other is from freely sharing in public places. In fact, the CCP is frantically attempting to continue their deception of the Chinese people by using surveillance methods to prevent real information from becoming known.

The CCP knows only too well that it has violated the public's right of freedom of information and therefore, it is likely to set up experimental situations to gauge the citizens' reaction: if Chinese citizens don't oppose it, the CCP will carry out the policy and widen the range of suppression all over the country. However, the CCP will probably end up with nothing definite.

In 2003, the CCP tried to use their proposed Article 23 in Hong Kong to suppress all the free organizations in Hong Kong. With the Hong Kong citizens' strong protest, however, Article 23 could not be ratified and was defeated. Dafa practitioners and other citizens in Hong Kong have already supplied us an example, that with all citizens protesting, the persecution cannot be carried on.

I suggest that Dafa disciples add a thought while sending forth righteous thoughts, to eliminate the evil factors behind the people who are carrying out the persecution. In addition, we should take any and every opportunity to clarify the truth to the Party and all regime organizations and the citizenry, and reveal the CCP's guilty conscience and impudence. Moreover, we should explain the facts that the CCP has controlled the media and Internet to deceive the citizens by blocking the free flow of information. We should thoroughly eliminate the CCP's poison rhetoric that tries to deceive the sentient beings.

July 19, 2006