(Clearwisdom.net) On July 20, 1999, Jiang Zemin's regime started to persecute Falun Gong. The Forced Labor Camp at Tieling City in Liaoning Province followed the orders of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the 610 Office, and in November 1999 set up a team to illegally detain female Falun Gong practitioners who went to Beijing many times to appeal for justice for Falun Gong.

After the Women's Team of Tieling Labor Camp was set up, over 20 female Falun Gong practitioners were illegally detained there, including Li Yuqin, Liu Shuyuan, Jia Liwen, Jin Shuzi, Xu Lanfang, Sun Hongyan, Gao Hongguang, Xu Caiyan, Hu Ying, Jin Zhenyu, Tan Qi, Chen Yuzhi, Zhang Shuxia, Zhang Hua, Zhang Yan, Liu Bing, Chen Qi, Wang Caiyan, Yin Loping, Li Wending, Ren Fenghua, Dai Jing, Chen Ying, Liu Fei, and Liu Jun. During their illegal detention, Dafa practitioners were frequently verbally abused. Shortly after being taken to the labor camp, all of the female practitioners were forced to take off their clothes, leaving only their underwear on or sometimes nothing at all, in the name of searching for Dafa books and new articles.

The director, surnamed Li, female guard Wang Zhibin, and other staff of Tieling Labor Camp followed the secret directives from the CCP Central Committee, which state: "If Falun Gong practitioners are beaten to death, there will be no consequences, and the bodies will be cremated directly without identification." They brutally tortured the detained Falun Gong practitioners. One day in December 1999, Wang Zhibin dragged Dafa practitioner Ms. Liu Bing, who was practicing the Falun Dafa exercises, into the duty room and handcuffed her. Shortly after, another practitioner, Ms. Jin Zhenyu, was also taken to the duty room for insisting on practicing the exercises. Wang Zhibin held an electric baton and asked them, "Do you know what this is? Today I will let you personally experience it." She put a few bottle caps on the table and used the electric baton to shock the bottle caps. The electric discharges made the bottle caps jump on the table with a lot of sparks. Wang Zhibin then used the electric baton to shock the front and back sides of Ms. Jin Zhenyu's hands, and forced Ms. Jin to hold the electric baton in her hand. Wang Zhibin kept shocking Ms. Jin Zhenyu and angrily shouted, "Will you still continue practicing?" Ms. Jin Zhenyu firmly answered, "I will practice." Wang Zhibin wildly shocked Ms. Jin until she exhausted herself. Dafa practitioner Ms. Liu Bing witnessed this incident. Next, Wang Zhibin asked Ms. Liu Bing, "Will you still continue practicing?" Ms. Liu Bing said, "I will practice." Wang Zhibin then shocked Ms. Liu. On the second day, Wang Zhibin also dragged practitioner Ms. Gao Hongguang to the duty room and used an electric baton to shock 'her hands. When Ms. Gao refused to give in, Wang pressed her onto a chair and violently shocked 'her neck.

Wang Zhibin often told practitioners about the orders the camp had received from the Central Committee of the CCP, saying: "If you die here, people outside won't ever know it. Our superiors have told practitioners, 'If we guards beat you to death, we don't need to take any responsibility. Your death is nothing.'" Under such an inhuman, genocidal policy, the guards unscrupulously tortured Falun Gong practitioners.

One day in December, the director of the labor camp said that the guards were not being ruthless enough when torturing Falun Gong practitioners, requiring him to monitor them personally. He had the guards perform the orders from above and use torture to "transform" Falun Gong practitioners, and ordered the guards to "give a good performance." Director Li then sat nearby to watch Wang Zhibin and other female guards torture Falun Gong practitioners. They locked up Dafa practitioners in a room to keep them from escaping. Then they took practitioners one by one to a small room, locked the door and tortured them. They used electric batons to shock practitioner Ms. Jia Liwen's breasts, torso and back to force her to give in and renounce Falun Dafa. However, Ms. Jia was very steadfast. After the guards became tired of shocking Ms. Jia, they started to shock Ms. Liu Shuyuan, Ms. Xu Lanfang, and others. Ms. Jia Liwen, Ms. Liu Shuyuan and Ms. Liu Lanfang were in their 'fifties and they were shocked until they were barely conscious. Dafa practitioner Ms. Chen Yuzhi was also over 50 years old. Wang Zhibin first used one electric baton to shock her breasts, torso and arms, and asked her, "Will you still continue practicing?" Ms. Chen Yuzhi answered, "Yes." Wang Zhibin then started to use two electric batons to shock Ms. Chen's breasts and back. Wang kept shocking Ms. Chen until Ms. Chen passed out.

At that time, among the detained practitioners, there were a mother and daughter, Ms. Jin Shuzi (mother) and Ms. Jin Zhenyu (daughter), and two pairs of sisters: Ms. Liu Fei (elder sister) and Ms. Liu Jun (younger sister), and Ms. Zhang Hua (elder sister) and Ms. Zhang Yan (younger sister). When the guards tortured one of these practitioners, they would force her family member to witness and hear her cries of agony. Wang Zhibin dragged Ms. Jin Zhenyu into a small room. At that time, 27-year-old Ms. Jin Zhenyu was extremely weak due to the long-term illegal detention in Beijing, weighing only about 40 kilograms' (approximately 88 pounds). Several policewomen pressed her against a chair and Wang Zhibin used the electric baton to wildly shock Ms. Jin's neck, sometimes holding the electric baton on one spot for a long time. They also forced Ms. Jin's mother to stay outside and listen to the sound of the electric shocking, using this cruel method to try to force the mother and daughter to give in. When Jin Zhenyu did not even cry, Wang Zhibin felt helpless before Director Li. Wang became more extreme and continued shocking Ms. Jin until her' neck became red, swollen and covered in bruises. Next, they also forced Ms. Liu Fei and Ms. Liu Jun into the small room. When they tortured Liu Fei, they forced her sister Liu Jun to watch it, and then had Liu Fei watch them torture Liu Jun. Ms. Zhang Hua and Ms. Zhang Yan had been detained in Beijing for several months, where they had received all kinds of torture for refusing to report their names. At Tieling, several guards used electric batons to shock them continuously for 3-4 hours, and also detained Zhang Yan in a small cell.

The Tieling Labor Camp followed orders from above to draw up a list of detained practitioners' names, marking an "X" next to the names of those who continued practicing Falun Gong and a check mark for those who had stopped. Those with an "X" were continually tortured. One particular means of torture was known as "standing against the wall." 'This method involved forcing people to lean their heads against a wall while their bodies remained away from the wall, their feet facing straight ahead. The labor camp also forced practitioners to perform excessive labor in order to further pressure them to give up their belief. During the cold winter, the labor camp forced female practitioners to dig a large ditch using pickaxes. At that time the soil was frozen solid, and some of the supervising guards' feet became badly frozen. The practitioners doing this work were so exhausted that they could not even straighten their backs, but the guards still kept shouting at them and forced them to continue.

The labor camp often forced practitioners to attend meetings, where they were intimidated by having to listen to announcements of orders from the Central Committee, such as, "Falun Gong (practitioners) are to be physically eliminated." The 610 Office continued criticizing the labor camp for being too "lenient" on practitioners, and ordered the labor camp to put iron bars on the windows and use cloth to block out all light, leaving practitioners detained in the dark, feeling hopeless and constantly under torment. At the same time, the Tieling Labor Camp forced them to undergo brainwashing sessions, as well as sing songs with lyrics such as, "Communism is good," and, "There would not be a new China without the Party." If anyone refused to sing these songs, they were tortured.