I have been a Falun Gong practitioner for 10 years. Although my celestial eye is not open and I have never seen anything in another dimension, I have experienced some miraculous things during my cultivation.

Before July 20, 1999 when the persecution started, I experienced only a few miracles. One time, in 1998, I went to a county in a remote area to spread the Fa. At that time, none of us knew each other. As soon as we got off the bus, we went to the only flat land in this county, then we started playing the exercise music at a basketball field in front of a cinema. Three of us went there, two of us did the exercises, while one handed out Dafa flyers. At that time, there was nobody walking by. Later, we learned that the cinema was open, and there was a senior arts group rehearsing there, so we went over to introduce ourselves. We told them that Falun Gong was cultivation, was a Buddha School meditation, and was for cultivating Buddhahood. As soon as they heard it, a senior lady said excitedly: "No wonder you came over to spread the Buddha School meditation!" The night before she had dreamed that a Buddha came to their stage, after they poured something from a bottle, beautiful flowers came out of the bottle - so many that they covered the whole stage. Right away they all came to study Falun Gong, and the number of people reached over 50 at one point. So we set up a 9-day lecture seminar. Every day people listened to Teacher's lectures and then they practiced the exercises for over an hour. When we were about to leave, we gave the group a few sets of Dafa books and some exercise music CDs, and then we helped them to set up an exercise site. At the bus stop, there were so many people to see us off that they surrounded the bus. Some insisted that we take some wild vegetables and pumpkins from their backpacks (They kept telling us that they picked these vegetables themselves; they didn't buy them). They said that they had never seen this kind of voluntary teaching from people that didn't ask them for even one meal or want any money! The scene at that time was very touching! So we had to accept one pumpkin and a few wild vegetables.

After July 20, I took a wrong turn in my cultivation. After I rectified myself, and followed what Teacher requires of us - to do the Three Things well - my righteous thoughts were strengthened, and my human attachments became fewer and fewer. As my understanding of the Fa becomes clearer and clearer, and I become firmer and firmer, I realized that I indeed live in miracles!

When I was printing truth-clarification materials, the amount of paper I put into the printer tray was neither too much nor too little. While printing the "Nine Commentaries on the Chinese Communist Party", I left to compile some other materials. I suddenly wondered if the printer would run out of paper, so I went over, and it had just finished printing. The printer hadn't run out of paper, nor was there any paper left in the tray. So amazing! And this kind of thing happened not only one time, but many times!

One day, after I got home from work, I got on a bus carrying a printer, an extra ink cartridge, and some CDs. I was taking these things to another county to help the practitioners set up a material printing center, and I had to be back the next morning to go to work. I didn't want to phone my fellow practitioner and ask her to help me carry the items up five flights of stairs in case her neighbors would see me bringing so many things to the practitioner's home, so I carried the printer all the way to the fifth floor where she lived! I thought to myself: I am a Dafa practitioner, I am not tired! It was amazing! I didn't feel tired at all after carrying this printer all the way to the fifth floor! And I didn't run into anyone either. During the cab ride home, I explained to the driver about the importance of quitting the three CCP organizations. Another time, I wanted so much to find some assistants from a previous assistant center, who could help our local practitioners with doing things related to Fa-rectification as one body, I ended up meeting them even though I hadn't seen them after July 20, and we felt so happy to see each other.

In terms of sending forth righteous thoughts, I have also experienced some miraculous things. Due to being very occupied with doing the "Three Things" every day, I felt that my time was very precious, and sometimes I felt very tired. One night, at 11:30 I was so sleepy that I couldn't keep my eyes open. I thought to myself: forget it, I'll send forth righteous thoughts tomorrow morning, and I went to bed. I woke up early the next morning! At that time, I thought it would have been much better if I hadn't gone to bed before sending forth righteous thoughts last night so I could send forth righteous thoughts with Dafa practitioners around the world. Next day, I said to my mom, who is also a practitioner, that no matter what, I wouldn't go to bed until I sent forth righteous thoughts. In the evening, when I felt sleepy again, I started reciting the Fa, and when I was sending forth righteous thoughts, while my palm was erect, I also fell asleep (previously, I seldom fell asleep when sending forth righteous thoughts, I always became more conscious), suddenly I heard a voice by my left ear say: "Hello!" I woke up right away. At that time, I wanted so much to call my husband who was working in another city and tell him what happened. Later I thought, well, maybe other people have experienced even more miraculous things than me.

Once, for over a week, I couldn't stay focused when sending forth righteous thoughts. As soon as I closed my eyes I would think about which equipment breaks at which material center, what materials need to be printed, the items that are still needed, how the few practitioners detained from that county were afraid to get in touch with other practitioners after they were released from the brainwashing center, that there weren't enough people coming out to clarify the truth, and what should I do to take care of those situations? I couldn't keep my mind empty at all. No matter how hard I tried, thoughts kept popping up. I was very worried. I knew that I needed to study more Fa, so after a bit more than a week, I calmed down. As long as I had no intention to think about something, my mind would be clear. I figured that Teacher had removed the karma after seeing that my main consciousness was strong enough.

I also experienced miraculous things when I was clarifying the truth. In the beginning, I was clarifying the truth face to face, I always talked a lot, and I always wanted to tell others everything I knew, I also waited for others to identify themselves, but it didn't work very well. With in-depth Fa study and looking within whenever any thing happens, the better I understand the inner meaning of "Fa-rectification Dafa disciples," I achieve better and better result in terms of clarifying the truth and persuading people to quit the Party. Sometimes, I only need to say a few words, and the person would want to quit the Party.

I also realized that people who have righteous thoughts are just like that. One time, when I was walking on the street, a middle-aged woman smiled at me, so I stopped and said to her, "You look familiar." Then I asked her whether she had read the "Nine Commentaries on the Chinese Communist Party", she said no, so I took out a copy and gave it to her. Then, I started explaining to her how the CCP theories conflict with traditional Chinese culture, the tyranny of the CCP, and the necessity of its being eliminated by heaven. When I asked her to show her sense of justice and quit the Party, I saw her become upright from head to toe, as she quit the CCP in a very firm and clear way, holding her head high and with confidence. Yes! At that moment, I knew that a person with righteous thoughts is like that! I have come across many such people, including relatives, classmates, coworkers, veteran soldiers, workers who had been laid off, cab drivers, retired teachers, businessmen, etc.

When I was truly thinking of others, let go of myself to feel others' pain, listened to where he has difficulty, and lead others to see the fundamental reason for people suffering so much is that the CCP used atheism and violence to control people, which then made it difficult for people to distinguish good from evil so they ended up suffering because of doing bad deeds--people's kind nature would be inspired. Sometimes, even though it was a short meeting, I would inspire their kind thoughts first, leaving the topic of quitting the Party to the end. Some couldn't be convinced, but this didn't at all move my heart. After I read Teacher's article "For the Good of the World":

"Make clear the truth,
and drive off foul spirits.
Spread widely the Nine Commentaries,
and the wicked Party shall fade. With righteous thoughts,
save the world's people.
I just don't believe their consciences
are irretrievably lost."

My righteous thoughts were consequently strengthened a lot.

There were many times when I didn't do well. Now, when running into a problem, I immediately think: I am a Dafa practitioner! I will act according to the Fa! And many miraculous things happened from this first thought.

Every day at my workplace, after finishing my work, I browse the Minghui [Chinese version of Clearwisdom] website and download materials. My coworkers know that I do this. In the beginning, the 610 Office in our district and the President of our company were controlled by evil factors and persecuted me. After a while, under Teacher's strengthening, evil factors were eliminated, and now nobody causes trouble for me. The amazing thing, is that the President of our company said bad things about those who asked him to persecute Falun Gong practitioners. Consequently, one coworker came to me a few times to try to explain that she had reported me. I even offered tools for coworkers who wanted to log onto the mobile network.

As long as we have righteous thoughts and righteous actions, we will surely experience miraculous things, because Dafa practitioners are saving people, and gods are traveling in the human world! Teacher's benevolent arrangements provide us with the opportunities to be Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples. Therefore we should walk our paths righteously!