(Clearwisdom.net) Recently, Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Zhou Runlin, an employee of Hunan Province Synthetic Wallboard Factory ('name recently changed to Hunan Changyuan Synthetic Wallboard Corporation), was illegally detained for nearly two weeks. The Xinhe Police Station has already sent her so-called "documents" to the Legislative Affairs section of the Kaifu District Police Department Branch. They intend to obtain a warrant for her arrest and illegally put her on trial at the Procuratorate. The reason for the unfair treatment is that some authorities discovered "truth clarifying materials," computers, and other equipment at her home, and they suspect that she helps other Falun Gong practitioners download truth clarifying materials.

Since this May, numerous Falun Gong practitioners have been arrested in Changsha City.

In following her belief of Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance, Ms. Zhou is a good person and has a favorable reputation at her work place, including among her superiors and colleagues. We ask that Dafa practitioners clarify the truth to her employer and assist in getting Ms. Zhou' released as soon as possible.

Contact Information:

Zhangsha City Kaifu City Xinhe Police Station

Station Chairman, Li Hongliang: 86-13908494949 (Cell)

Instructor, Zou Xiaoyi: 86-13974964699 (Cell)

Tang Xiangqing (Policeman who manage cases): 86-13786117967(Cell)

Gu Yi (Policeman who manage cases): 86-13974964464 (Cell)

Address: Changsha City Kaifu District Fengzui Road No. 1, 410008

Changsha City Kaifu District Police Department Branch

Chairman, Fan Enshan: 86-731-4496072 (Office), 86-731-5221100 (Home), 86-13808489999 (Cell)

Political Commissar, Huang Jianyuan: 86-731-4496072 (Office)

Vice Chairman, Lan Guiling: 86-731-4496075 (Office), 86-731-4488148 (Home), 86-13808465269 (Cell)

Vice Chairman, Zhu Jiang: 86-13873195010 (Cell) (Proactively involved in the persecution of Falun Gong practitioner)

National Guard Team (Former Political Security Section - directly involved in the persecution): 86-731-4496078

National Guard Team policemen who are directly persecuting Falun Gong practitioners are: Wang Jianguang, Liu Jing, etc.

Changsha City Detention Center

86-731-4074801, 86-731-4074802, 86-731-4074803, 86-731-4074830, 86-731-4074900, 86-731-4074928, 86-731-4074980

Hunan Changyuan Synthetic Wallboard Corporation (Former Hunan Province Synthetic Wallboard Factory)

Chief Manager's office: 86-731-4813581

Fax: 86-731-4813500

Chief Manager's chamber: 86-731-4813577

June 30th, 2006