Liu Juhong suffered a mental collapse because of abuse

Shaanxi Province Women's Labor Camp is detaining and persecuting more than thirty practitioners at present. Among them, Liu Juhong has been persecuted until she suffered a mental collapse. The labor camp however, refuses to release her.

Ms. Liu Juhong, 21, just graduated from a university. Because of practicing Falun Dafa, she was detained unlawfully at the Group 2, Shaanxi Province Women's Labor Camp. She was exhausted by heavy physical work for 17 to 18 hours a day along with severe mental torture. The wardens forced her to take medication and continued torturing her, which caused her to suffer a mental collapse.

In order to cover up their criminal behavior, the wardens lied and said that practicing Falun Gong caused her mental disorder. They did not release her, but instead they tortured her more brutally. When Li Juhong screamed, the wardens would lock her in an isolated cell and order an inmate, Lei Ming, who was sent to the labor camp due to drug abuse, to stab her with big, thick needles. While doing this, a radio would be played loudly to prevent other inmates from hearing Ms. Liu's horrible screaming.

Ms. Liu's parents have requested to take their daughter to a hospital, but the labor camp refused to release her.

Xu Lanzhen was brutally beaten

Xu Lanzhen, a practitioner in Xianyang City, was detained at the Second Division of Shaanxi Province Women's Labor Camp in 2005. She was detained and tortured in an isolated cell that was dark and damp. Wardens Ren Haizhen, Pei Heng, Zhang Ya, and Zhang Xueni from the second division tried to "transform" her. As they could not force Xu Lanzhen to give up her belief, they instructed drug abusers Yan Pingping and others to beat her. The wardens on duty did not pay attention to Ms. Xu screams of pain, and they allowed the drug abusers to torture practitioners at will. Ms. Xu was forbidden to purchase daily necessities, to see family members, or to sleep, but was forced to work day and night, and only at the end of the day could she use the toilet.

Li Suping was physically disabled from abuse

Practitioner Li Suping was detained unlawfully at the Second Division of Shaanxi Province Women's Labor Camp in 2004. Wardens Ren Haizhen, Pei Heng, Zhang Ya, and Zhang Xueni often beat Ms. Li and forced her to stand for long periods of time or stand outside on cold days. They ordered drug abusers to bang Ms. Li's head against the wall. Ms. Li was not allowed to sleep at night, and was not even allowed to eat or use the toilet. Because she was forced to do heavy work every day, even on extremely cold days, Ms. Li's fingers suffered from frostbite. Instead of providing treatment, the labor camp continued to force Ms. Li to work hard, which caused permanent disability to her fingers.

Vicious persecution methods

The persecution methods that the Shaanxi Province Women's Labor Camp used are cruel and inhumane. All practitioners new to the labor camp would be locked in a dark cell with the windows closed (thick paper was glued onto the glass). A few drug abusers assigned by the wardens would monitor each practitioner. The drug abusers sometimes pretended to be nice to the practitioners in order to try to persuade them to give up Falun Gong. If the practitioners refused to "transform", the wardens would instruct the drug abusers to torture them.

In March 2004, the labor camp was doing a campaign to "transform" the steadfast practitioners for a whole month. All steadfast practitioners were detained in the southern building and forced to watch videos that defamed Falun Dafa. While being prohibited from sleeping every day, each practitioner was monitored by three or four drug abusers. All were forced to write comments upon finishing watching the videos. Refusing to do so would result in cruel physical abuse.

To protest such behavior in the labor camp, all of the practitioners went on a hunger strike. The wardens then instructed drug abusers to force-feed the practitioners. Warden Pei Heng beat practitioner Xue Lijun's head with a bowl until it bled because Ms. Xue had refused to eat. After that, they continued to force-feed Ms. Xue by holding her down on the bed rather than treating her injury. Later, the steadfast practitioners were transferred to the second division and detained in separated cells. The torture continued.

July 19, 2006