(Clearwisdom.net) My grandfather is from Boshan county in Shandong Province and he is seventy-five years old. In 1999, he was diagnosed with late stage stomach cancer. Since he was too old to have surgery, he was transferred to four hospitals, successively. Finally, the doctor found that the cancer had already spread to his liver. At that time, 'it was very difficult for my grandfather to breathe. His stomach was quite swollen and his legs and feet were also seriously swollen. Later, he could not eat or drink. The doctor told us to give him some sesame oil. However, he could not swallow it. In addition, the doctor said that there were tumors all around his esophagus.

Since the hospital could not cure my grandfather's illness, our family members asked the doctor to discharge him. The doctor said that after he was given another IV for one day he could then safely go home. So he was given an IV for another day. We were waiting until daybreak to check him out and go home the next day. However, at midnight, he lost consciousness twice. 'It was difficult for him to live until daybreak, and 'it was impossible to complete the paperwork for his discharge from the hospital before daybreak. We had to find the director of the hospital, who finally agreed that he could be discharged ahead of schedule. The paperwork could be completed after his funeral.

Thus our family member brought a small amount of Dolantin pain medication from the hospital, and took him home with tears in our eyes.

After we went home, we prepared the funeral for him. He was aching and screamed, "It is so painful! 'It's so painful! Please cut my stomach open with a knife and see what on earth is inside it!" At that time my mother and my third aunt had already been practicing Falun Gong. My mother came to his bed and said, "Dad, let's not go to the hospital for treatment. Look, in the past 6 months your illnesses became worse after treatment. The doctor said that the illness you have is incurable. There is still another path before you. You know that I also had illnesses previously and they were not cured at the hospital. Since I learned Falun Gong, I have not needed to take medicine or injections. All my diseases are gone. I'm your daughter and I don't want to deceive you. For your own good, please also study Dafa and be a good person. Just sincerely say 'Falun Dafa is good,' and Master can also help you."

Later on, my grandfather did not yell even when he felt great pain. Instead, he murmured, "Master, I want to follow you to cultivate Dafa and be a good person. Falun Dafa is good, Falun Dafa is good." My third aunt saw that my grandfather truly believed in Dafa in his heart. She brought a copy of Zhuan Falun and read to my grandfather when he was alert and awake. Sometimes he ached so much that he screamed. But after he heard the Fa lecture he fell asleep. Everyone was surprised that he could sleep and did not feel pained. When he felt so pained and could not sleep, the whole family took turns reading Zhuan Falun to him.

Slowly the times he suffered from pain were reduced, and his pain also became less. He became more energetic than before. He started to be thirsty and he was given some sweetened water. There had been a deep dent at the top of his swollen stomach. Since he started eating, his swollen abdomen began to shrink. Soon, it was found that there was purple cigarette-like stuff on his leg, where vile-smelling excretions were continually seeping. At the beginning nobody knew that it was a good thing. Later on, it was found that his legs and feet were no longer swollen.

Everyone saw with their own eyes the miracle of Dafa, and they all eagerly read Zhuan Falun to my grandfather. After reading the book, all of them understood that the book teaches people how to be good people and everything the TV said were lies and were used to frame and falsely accuse Falun Gong. Later, they played recordings of Master's Fa-lectures for my grandfather. My grandfather fully recovered after two months.

Seven years have passed. The miracle of Dafa was known among all of my friends and all of neighbors and villagers in Chikou town, Boshan County, Shandong Province. My grandfather became healthier than before and he often carried water on his shoulders with a pole. He told everyone he met, "My existence is the testimony of Dafa. I know Dafa is good and I am really fortunate. You will also be blessed if you know Dafa is good."

July 19, 2006