(Clearwisdom.net) Dafa practitioner Fu Keshu, a retired senior teacher at the No. 1 Elementary School in Kaiyang County, Guizhou Province and her nephew Xu Genli disappeared in Jinggangshan in November 2005. Guided by some locals, their family members went through the valleys and caves in the nearby mountains to search. They also petitioned the Jinggangshan City government to help find the two missing people but to no avail. The bodies of the two practitioners were found in Wuzhi Peak in Jinggang Mountain. It is believed that their organs were harvested and their bodies were disposed of in the mountains.

Below is Fu Keshu’s statement made in 2005

Fu Keshu

Petition statement

Respected government officials and friends:

My name is Fu Keshu. I was born in Yongchuan City, Chongqing in March 1952. I am a retired teacher from the No. 1 Elementary School in Kaiyang County, Guizhou Province. I live at No. 117 Zhongshan Street, Chengguan Town, Kaiyang County, Guizhou Province.

I once suffered from many illnesses. Medical treatments did not help me. Following retirement I started practicing Falun Gong. I have been persecuted for my belief during the past few years, as I will tell you now.

Arriving from Sichuan Province in Guizhou Province in 1971, I had worked in the countryside for a long time. I eventually developed rheumatoid coronary heart disease, suffered from long-term, low white blood cell and platelets count, throat infection, stomach disease, and severe gynecological disease, and was hospitalized at least once or twice each year. The cost for each hospitalization cost the government and me about 1,000 yuan, but the illnesses were never cured. My temper grew worse as the illnesses tormented me. I had frequent fights with my family and colleagues.

No longer able to teach classes, I resigned due to illness in September 1998. I then tried to practice Falun Gong, also called Falun Dafa. I learned that there are no rules associated with learning Falun Gong. The exercises are easy to learn and one is free to come and go. I eventually decided to practice Falun Gong and to become a good person, living in accordance with Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, the principles of Falun Dafa. I became healthy through reading Zhuan Falun, doing the exercises and conducting myself according to the standards of Falun Dafa. My family became harmonious, and my mind and body were completely cleansed. My family no longer worried about my health. I saved the government and myself much in medical expenses. I donated the money I had saved for charitable causes, including an annual donation of 1,000 yuan for poor students in Kaiyang.

The ruling regime suddenly announced a ban on Falun Gong on July 22, 1999, meaning that no one had permission to practice Falun Gong, under any circumstance. As a Chinese citizen, I exercised my right endowed by Article 41 of the Constitution. I went to Beijing to appeal on May 9, 2000, out of great faith in the government. I only wanted to speak some truthful words to the government from my firsthand experiences with the practice of Falun Gong.

We learned that Falun Gong practitioners would be arrested if they went to the Bureau for Letters and Appeals, so we went to Tiananmen Square instead. We didn’t use any slogans or banners, but were immediately arrested after we arrived at Tiananmen Square. We were taken to the Guizhou Province Liaison Office in Beijing and were held in the hallway outside the restroom. We were deprived of sleep.

After I returned to Kaiyang on May 13, the Kaiyang Police Department slanderously accused me of "disrupting the social order" and illegally detained me. During the detention, they coerced me into writing a guarantee statement promising that I would never appeal in Beijing again, and that I would give up Falun Gong. They threatened to send me to a labor camp if I refused to write it. I held a hunger strike to protest their illegal behavior, but I did write the statement under the tremendous pressure. The police released me. They made my superiors at my work place and my family write a "statement of liability" and a guarantee statement, to promise they would watch me closely. The police also followed and monitored me and tried to isolate me.

I was dismissed from the Communist Party and my salary dropped two levels, only because I practiced Falun Gong. My family, subject to "guilt by association," was also persecuted for my belief. My daughter could not receive a job transfer, my husband had been nominated "advanced worker," but the committee refused to review his achievements. The lawless officials incited hatred and created a rift among our family members.

Officials from the Kaiyang Police Department forced the school teachers to watch the CCTV-staged video of the Tiananmen Self-immolation Incident in early 2001. We shared our opinions at a teacher and staff meeting. Afterwards, some officials with ulterior motives at the Kaiyang Police Department fabricated stories and insulted Falun Gong practitioners. I wrote letters to the ruling regime and to my superiors to clarify the truth about Falun Gong, and expressed my thoughts in order to help the regime and people eliminate their misunderstandings about Falun Gong, so they would stop the persecution. The Kaiyang Police Department officials accused me of "propagating Falun Gong," and sought after me. They coerced my family each day and told them to send me to a labor camp. I had no choice but to return to my hometown in Sichuan Province. During this period, they ransacked my home many times and took Dafa books and Teacher Li’s pictures. They also ransacked my daughter’s home in Guiyang City. The police forced my workplace to eliminate my pension. In this regard I went to police officer Yang Mingjiu many times, and later they told the school to return my money.

Officer Yang Mingjiu tricked me into coming to the police department in October 2002, and then illegally detained me. He again ransacked my home. My husband Zhang Yonghe explained my situation to Chen Dingcai, secretary of the Political and Judiciary Committee, and the police released me.

National Security Division agents at the Kaiyang Police Department deceived me again on July 10, 2003. They took me to a so-called Legal Study Class, which was actually a brainwashing class, in Lannigou, Guiyang City without prior notice or my family’s knowledge. They subjected me to a thorough body-search right after I got to the class and detained me in a small room with three beds. They assigned Zhang Fengzhen and Zhou Rong, teachers from my school, to watch me around the clock. They also threatened me and my family, saying that if I didn’t write a guarantee statement to give up Dafa practice they would send me to a labor camp or hold me for a long time. They would also make us pay lots of money, and my children’s careers would be affected. They tried to disrupt our family's harmony and dampen the relationship between my colleagues and myself.

I suffered a relapse of my old illnesses due to tremendous mental pressure and inactivity during long-term detention. I experienced heart failure and incontinence and was only able to survive through emergency treatment. They again detained me when had I recovered slightly. The National Security Division did not notify my family when I was being emergency-treated. My daughter inquired of many people, and learned about my condition on the third day of my emergency treatment.

My family and I never behaved excessively, despite the persecution we’ve endured during the past few years. We have never retaliated against anyone, nor did we do anything to hurt the government or society. Yet out of self-interest, Yang Mingjiu and others at Kaiyang Police Department repeatedly persecuted me and other Dafa practitioners. They also framed my younger sister Fu Keshu [same pronunciation but different spelling].

I wrote many letters to regime officials and to Yang Mingjiu during the past few years, but the issue was not resolved.

After Falun Gong was introduced to the public in 1992, none of the criminals the police have arrested, such as prostitutes, drug dealers, burglars, and gamblers, practice Falun Gong. The police know it very well. Why do they fabricate stories and frame innocent and kind Falun Gong practitioners?

Yang Mingjiu and others at the Kaiyang Police Department persecuted me in various ways and caused my family direct and indirect financial losses. They are the reason for my family having to endure tremendous mental trauma, and they irreparably damaged my reputation. I appeal in accordance with the law.

I believe the government and judicial department will respect these facts and administer the law according to the Constitution and other laws.

Thank you!

Appellant: Fu Keshu