(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Geng Cuifang, in her forties, and her husband Su Anzhou had traveled to Beijing to validate Dafa in late December 2000. After Ms. Geng was sent back to Lanzhou City, Su Anzhou was unlawfully incarcerated at the Pingantai Forced Labor Camp. Geng Cuifang was arrested and held at the Xiguoyuan Detention Center in Lanzhou City, and was released in October 2001. During that period of time, her 16-year-old son was left home alone and had a very difficult time in his daily life.

Early in the morning on June 13, 2002, Su Anzhou had just left his home when he was forcibly seized by a group of policemen who were hidden outside of his home. Policemen then banged on the door and tried to force Ms. Geng Cuifang to open it. Geng Cuifang refused. Confronted with increasing pressure from the police, Ms. Geng Cuifang jumped from the 6th floor to escape further persecution, but died from the fall. After she had fallen, the police didn’t care whether she was alive or dead. They grabbed the key to her home from her clothing and went inside to search her home. They confiscated two bank deposit certificates, rings, other jewelry and some cash. They then hurried to get away and left Ms. Geng Cuifang’s body out in the hot sun.

In August 2002, vicious police officers arrested Dafa practitioner Su Anzhou again. Using his alleged participation in tapping into a cable TV program as an excuse, they illegally sentenced him to 20 years. Su Anzhou is now imprisoned at the Dasaping Jail in Lanzhou City.

Geng Cuifang’s son was less than 18 years old when all this happened. His mother had just died, and his father was imprisoned. His life became unstable and he had no place to call home. He was later diagnosed with late-stage lung cancer and died around August 5, 2006.

Su Anzhou cultivates "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance" and simply wants to be a good person. The Jiang regime's oppression made him lose his family. Within four years he had to suffer the loss of his wife and go through tremendous agony in prison. Now he is faced with another tragedy, losing his only beloved son. Heaven’s principles will not tolerate such horrible crimes committed in persecuting Falun Gong.

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