Recently, several Falun Gong practitioners in Qidong County, Hunan Province have been illegally arrested and persecuted.

Mr. Kuang Zongyao, 57 years old, lives in Xinhe Village, Buyunqiao Town, Qidong County, Hunan Province. Around 9 p.m. on July 2, 2006, someone yelled out Kuang's name from the outside. Mr. Kuang got up from bed and asked who it was. One person replied: "Can we borrow a wrench from you?" Mr. Kuang opened the door, but four policemen from the Buyunqiao Town Police Station rushed in and abducted him. Then they shoved him into a car and drove him to a detention center. Police declared that Mr. Kuang would be detained for 15 days. However, they did not give any explanation.

Director of the National Security Team, Peng Jian, claimed: "It's fine to beat Falun Gong practitioners to death." He tried to find the source of Kuang Zongyao's truth-clarifying materials. Mr. Kuang did not answer. Three days after the arrest, police ransacked Kuang Zongyao's home and confiscated a motorcycle. Peng Jian brutally interrogated Mr. Kuang for three days and two nights. Torture during the interrogation made Mr. Kuang's legs and feet turn purple and injured him all over the body. The torture had not stopped at the time this article was written.

Mr. Zhou Guangquan, 50 years old, lives in Jinqiao Town, Qidong County, Hunan Province. Around 7 a.m. on July 2, 2006, officers from the Jinqiao Town Police Department broke into Zhou's home, ransacked it, and arrested him. The police confiscated a cell phone, an MP3 player, and some truth-clarifying materials. They took Zhou Guanquan to the National Security Team in the county and handcuffed him to a window frame for two days, during which time Mr. Zhou was interrogated and tortured.

Mr. Zhang Xianzhao, 61 years old, lives in Guoshuiping Town, Qidong County, Hunan Province. On the morning of July 1, 2006, about five people who claimed to be from the Guoshuiping Town Police Department broke into Zhang Xianzhao's home. Some of these people wore police uniforms. They ransacked Mr. Zhang's home, pried open his closets, broke his glasses, and confiscated his Falun Gong books. Zhang Xianzhao could not stop these criminals. Around noon on July 4, this gang broke into to Zhang Xianzhao's home again and dragged him out, struck his limbs, and stuffed him into a car. They drove Mr. Zhang to the Guoshuiping Town Police Department. There, he was forced to fingerprint a defamatory document. Later that day, Zhang Xianzhao was sent to a detention center, where he has been held to this day.

Zhang Xianzhao has two acres of rice field. Now is the time to harvest the rice and sow the second crop of the year. No one is at home to do any farm work, so the Zhang family will sustain a big financial loss.