(Clearwisdon.net) Mr. Ye Fenglin, 44, was from Bijie City, Guizhou Province. He clarified the truth about Falun Gong efficiently at Zhongba Forced Labor Camp when he was persecuted there in 2002, which scared the evil people. In mid-June of 2002, he suffered sickness karma symptoms of fever and sweating. When he felt better two days later (on June 23), he was sent to the hospital of Zhongba Forced Labor Camp, then passed away there on the night of June 26.

The person on duty that night at the hospital (who had been sent to the labor camp for drug abuse) said, "He (Ye Fenglin) was chatting with us for a long time that evening, and went to bed after eleven o'clock. He was totally fine then. Why did he pass away so suddenly the next day? There must be some problems..."

Upon his death, the evil people cremated Ye Fenglin's body without informing his wife (also a practitioner); rather, his elderly parents were told. Five thousand yuan was given to his parents for the burial fees as compensation. The Zhongba Hospital had never issued such a large amount for burial fees before.

The notification of Ye Fenglin's death was blocked by Zhongba Forced Labor Camp. In July, other practitioners at the labor camp requested many times to see him, but were rejected with various excuses by the wardens. Not until more than twenty days later, when faced with an unavoidable situation, did the wardens tell all the practitioners detained at the labor camp about his death.

In the week following Mr. Ye's death, on July 2 and July 3, all practitioners at Zhongba Forced Labor Camp were arranged in groups to receive careful and general medical check ups, including CT Scans, X-rays, liver check ups, urine tests, blood tests, and even ultra-sound for men. This may be related to the intensive persecution that emerged two months later, or other malicious purposes.

During the period of the intensive persecution, the wardens did not bother to keep their hypocritical pretense of: "we promise with our dignity that we will not physically abuse Falun Gong practitioners." They beat practitioners and said, "We can kill you like killing pigs or dogs," "We won't let you die easily," or "We will let you feel like death is better than being alive." At the peak of the persecution, doctors from the labor camp hospital had to be on duty at the "Confinement Team" twenty-four hours a day. The torture that occurred in that period was inhumane and brutal. Practitioners were beaten, forced to stand outside the whole night, stripped of their clothes in cold wind, or forced to eat rotten rice rejected by dogs. These facts were exposed when some of the criminal inmates fought among themselves. Warden Pan Zhong said, "We acknowledge that we have brainwashed you and persecuted you, but we cannot accept that the Minghui/Clearwisdom website says we beat Ye Fenglin to death."

Could the above evidence about Ye Fenglin's mysterious death have anything to do with the allegations of live organ harvesting of Falun Gong practitioners in China?

July 16, 2006