(Clearwisdom.net) I am 86 years old. My daughter lives in the Tan'gu Residence Area in Shijiazhuang City. My daughter Liu Shuqin works at a bank. My son-in-law Wang Xinzhong works at the Shijiazhuang Railroad Bureau. My granddaughter Wang Bo just graduated from college. These three family members were recently arrested again by police because they practice Falun Gong. They have all been brutally beaten. Since 1999, they have not had a peaceful life. I cannot count how many times they have been arrested. By now, more than 20 days have passed but their whereabouts are still unknown.

Not long ago, I heard that those who practiced Falun Gong were sent to a secluded place after they were arrested; they were injected with a kind of medicine which caused them to fall into a coma; their organs were taken out and sold to hospitals for making money; their bodies were thrown into a boiler stove and burnt; and their families did not get any information about them. It makes me so worried. I ask other members of my family to take me out to find my daughter and her family. I want to find them even if I have to risk my own life.

Before my daughter's family started to practice Falun Gong, they all had poor health. My daughter and her husband often quarreled and used the arguments as a reason for divorce. They did not listen to our mediation. After practicing Falun Gong, the family lived in harmony and everyone had good health. My granddaughter was also enrolled in the Central Music College, an elite college in China. I felt very happy for them.

However, such a peaceful life was only enjoyed for a couple of years. The police started to arrest Falun Gong practitioners. My daughter told me that the requirement of practicing Falun Gong is being a good person according to the principle of "Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance" and practicing Falun Gong has healing effects. How can the police treat those who practice Falun Gong as bad people and arrest them? Doesn't it turn right and wrong upside down? In my daughter's family, one was arrested one day and another was arrested another day. The persecution was endless. I worry about them every day.

Now, it is worse. All three members of my daughter's family have been arrested. At the beginning, the police department admitted that they handled the case and arrested my daughter's family. They said I could talk to their chief for further information. But, in these last two days, they have denied the things they said before and claimed that my daughter's family were not there. In my daughter's family, there are three lives! Plus me, the total is four lives. Can it not be said that human life is at stake? Someone should handle this case, shouldn't they? And the police should inform the family after they arrest someone. More than 20 days have passed and they have not informed us. We went to the police department and asked for information, but they did not tell us the real situation. They kept changing their words. The police should not lie. They should be responsible when human lives are at stake. My daughter's family have disappeared, and we are very worried.

My granddaughter, Wang Bo, was sent to various labor camps for three years just because she went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong. Her bright future was ruined. After my granddaughter was released, she looked very different. She was depressed and unhappy. She was not willing to see people. That bubbly, vibrant and lovely Wang Bo disappeared. At such a young age, she was arrested, interrogated, tortured and "transformed" forcibly. She suffered a lot. She was detained in several places and terribly upset. In labor camps, Wang Bo's mind collapsed a couple of times. One time, she attempted suicide by cutting her wrist. Fortunately, she was found in time.

Everyone has parents and children. I ask the police, please do a good thing, show mercy to me, an 86-year-old woman, release Wang Bo and her parents and allow them to come home soon.

Appealer: Han Lingrong,
Tel: 86-311-88963656

Please hand this letter to relevant leaders in charge.

Relevant departments and people-in-charge:

Shijiazhuang City Police Department:

Deputy director in charge of persecuting Falun Gong: Zhang Shiyu
Hebei Provincial 610 Office: 86-311-87906057
Director, Zhang Guojun: 86-311-7906310(Office), 86-311-7906898(Home), 86-311-4595368(Home in his hometown)
Deputy director, Ji Tingyu: 86-311-7908895(Office), 86-311-7906889(Home)
Deputy director, Wang Yongzhi: 86-311-7908681(Office), 86-311-7906766(Home), 86-13931110731(Cell)

Mayor's Public Line in Shijiazhuang City: 86-311-12345

The 610 Office of Shijiazhuang City: 86-311-86686701, 86-311-86686702

August 22, 2006