(Clearwisdom.net) I was illegally detained at Zhongba Forced Labor Camp in Guizhou from January 9, 2003, to July 14, 2005. During that time, I was brutally tortured by the camp guards.

Their methods of torturing are extremely brutal.

The following are examples:

1. They used a rag stained with black oil and rubbed it on my face to make it black. Then I was dragged into a small cell.

2. I was forced to stand and squat many times. The duration was more than seven days and nights each time. Those horrible individuals stared at my eyes, and hit and kicked me whenever I closed them. There were times when they threw a shoe at my face, and they hit and kicked me when I arched my back.

3. They chopped at my neck with their hands.

4.They used a rope and tied my hands behind my back. Then they stuffed dirty rags into my mouth and slapped my face.

5.The guards kicked my thighs, which was very painful. They became black and blue.

6.They kicked my face with the bottoms of their shoes.

7.They grabbed my shirt collar from behind until I fell backwards, then dragged me by the shirt collar.

8.They hit me until I fell to the ground and then stepped on me. After I got up, they hit and kicked me until I fell again.

9.They twisted my hands backward. Two persons, one at each side, blocked my feet with theirs. Then, they suddenly pressed on my back and pushed me to the ground. My head hit the ground and bled.

10.They used a shirt and a pair of pants to cover my mouth and nose, pressing them hard with their hands.

11. They used cigarette butts to burn my palms, creating blisters.

12.They punched my mouth with their fists until I fell down.

13.Twisting my palms until I fell to the floor, the guards continued this until I could not pick anything up. The pain continued for three months.

14. They kicked my ribs until I was sweating in pain. I even developed severe chest pain that lasted three months. Whenever I turn or move, the pain increases.

15. The guards used an iron to burn my legs. My underwear was soaked with blood. Blood dripped on my shoes and onto the ground.

Before I was sent to the forced labor camp, my teeth were healthy. Because my face was frequently beaten, however, my teeth loosened. I lost two teeth while at the forced labor camp and lost another tooth after I was released. So far, I have lost seven teeth.

We are not breaking the law by cultivating "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance." Free of corruption, our minds are at a higher level and we live our lives according to the best standard.

Policemen involved in the torture: director Yang Renshou, director Li, team leader Yu, Yun Changchun, and "teacher Huang."

Prison inmates involved in the torture: Feng Jianlin, Ye Houzhong, Wang Shuilun, Liu Meng, Li Zhongyong, and Du Xin.