(Clearwisdom.net) Qingqing is seven years old and has been growing up in a cultivation environment, since many of her family members are practitioners.

Qingqing has been sending forth righteous thoughts along with others these days. Her aunt and uncle sometimes dozed and their hands relaxed into wrong positions. Qingqing said it was caused by interference from big snakes, sleeping bugs, and some forms of an "integrated demon" (an integrated body of snakes, foxes, and sleeping bugs) in another dimension. She reminded her uncle a few times, but he did not improve. It was truly dangerous. The tail of the snake had gone into his dimensional field. The snake laughed at him and said, "This guy is quite easy to control." Qingqing said that Uncle's dimensional field had too many bad things and it was all murky, with an area only one meter long remaining bright. The sentient beings there all held small lights. All those who hadn't been saved were crying and struggling in a lake and were truly pitiful. Qingqing went and pulled them out, but they fell right back into the water again. Perhaps it was because only their own master could save them. Some saved sentient beings were wiping their tears with handkerchiefs. They kept crying for hours, feeling sorry for their fellow beings that were not saved.

Qingqing also saw that some practitioners' dimensional fields were grayish yellow. The dimensional fields of those who had done well in their cultivation were all radiant gold, with some stronger and some weaker. The lives saved in the dimensional fields were singing, dancing, playing chess, and playing instruments and were all very happy. Those who were not saved yet were all in the water. The better the person did in his or her cultivation, the shallower the water the person was in.

Qingqing said that people were using all different Fa implements when sending forth righteous thoughts. Her dad used a sword, Aunt used lightening, Uncle used a chain, another uncle used a fireball, his wife used a tornado, and Grandma used a spinning saucer.

One morning everyone was sending forth righteous thoughts on the hour, every hour. Almost every time after sending forth righteous there would appear a large lotus flower, a rainbow, and seven fairy ladies spreading flowers. There also appeared a big smiling Buddha watching everyone.

Once, Uncle did not maintain his xinxing and fought with Aunt. That night when sending forth righteous thoughts Qingqing saw complete darkness in Uncle's dimensional field. The one-meter area of brightness that had been there was gone. Many lights were needed to brighten his dimensional field to see things. The sentient beings were all crying hard, their tears covering the wall. The little lake had turned into a sea, with even more lives falling into it. Uncle was interfered even more severely and dozed away as soon as he began sending forth righteous thoughts. The demons had essentially turned Uncle's dimensional field into their playground. The big snake was drinking, dancing, and singing, and having all the fun. Uncle's Fa implement, the chain, had turned into a piece of junk and had lost its power.

After listening to Qingqing's descriptions of what she saw in the other dimension, all of us have recognized more clearly the importance of sending forth righteous thoughts and the seriousness of cultivation. We truly need to be more demanding of ourselves and proceed as fast as we can on the path of cultivation. We shall not have cause for any regrets in the future and we shall be responsible for ourselves and for the sentient beings.