Phase 1: Difficulty Starting or Completing the Article

I read fellow practitioners’ experience sharing articles on the Clearwisdom website every day and greatly benefit from reading them. I see more and more fellow practitioners have come to realize that writing for Clearwisdom is a form of cultivation and of validating Dafa. I wanted to write for Clearwisdom, but I thought that my writing was not good enough and my understandings were limited. As a result, I did not write, thinking that I did not have many enlightening experiences to share.

Recently I have done well clarifying the truth and helping people to quit the CCP (Chinese Communist Party). I noticed that my effectiveness in truth-clarification was quite high, so I summarized some of my methods and experiences to share with fellow practitioners. I finally decided to write down my experiences of helping people quit the CCP. However, what I wrote was not what I wanted to share. I was not quite satisfied with the article, but I submitted it to Clearwisdom anyway. The article was not published; I felt a little discouraged though I did not say anything.

I did not think about writing again for Clearwisdom after this attempt failed. When I had any enlightenments in Fa study, I just shared them with local fellow practitioners. I did not think about writing them down. I thought that there are many fellow practitioners who have better writing skills and a better understanding of the Fa who can write for Clearwisdom.

Phase Two: After Cleansing and Strengthening My Righteous Thoughts, I Started to Write

Why couldn't I do what I wanted to do; what I saw as the most righteous thing? What was the root cause that stopped me from writing for Clearwisdom? My postings and articles on ordinary websites were often seen as good. How is it that I could easily write ordinary articles, yet I could not use my talent for Dafa?

When I learned that a fellow practitioner’s article was published on Clearwisdom I thought to myself, "If she can write, I can too; if her article could be published, mine could too." Although it was just a thought, I caught it and noticed it was not righteous. It had attachments to competition, jealousy, and showing-off behind it. I told myself this thought was not right; competing with another practitioner to write an article for Clearwisdom is not right. The thought was not pure and may mar the sacred website. I started to cleanse my thoughts.

Several days later, a fellow practitioner asked me to copy some Clearwisdom articles for him. To be responsible, I decided to carefully read every article. The very first article I read greatly helped me. It reminded me of how much enlightenment I had when clarifying the truth and studying the Fa. So I decided to write my thoughts down. This time I made up my mind that nothing could interrupt me. Though we cannot see it from this world, I knew that I must have broken through many partitions in other dimensions to do this. That afternoon I wrote four articles. The process was a cultivation process for me. I told myself that I will not be attached to whether these articles are published or not. Though my understanding of the Fa was limited, I finally broke though the barrier and did what I wanted to do. The process itself is cultivation.

Phase 3: Looking Inward Based on the Edits Made to My Articles by Clearwisdom

Several days later, when one of my articles was published on Clearwisdom I was very happy, and I read the published article carefully. I noticed that the editor made two changes in my article. The first change was where I had quoted a writer; the editor deleted the reference to the writer. The second change was where I had shared a story about how I helped a stranger withdraw from the CCP and then the stranger asked me to help him withdraw on behalf of his family members. The editor deleted the part about the stranger asking me to help withdraw his family members.

After reading the edited article, I understood that an ordinary person's fame and achievement is not important. Instead, it is one's attitude towards Dafa and Fa-rectification that is important. Until we are sure about the famous person’s (such as the writer I quoted) attitude towards Dafa, we should not publicly endorse any of his words or deeds. This reminds me that we, as Dafa practitioners, should follow the standards of the Fa when writing articles.

Regarding the withdrawal from the CCP on behalf of family members, the family members must agree. If the family member did not agree, and someone withdrew on his behalf, it would not count. The standards of the Fa are very strict.

I understand that I still have a long way to go to reach what the Fa has given to me and what the Fa requires of me. I have made up my mind that I will continue to write for Clearwisdom and it will be part of my daily cultivation, like doing the three things well. Actually, writing for Clearwisdom is doing the three things, because the three things must be incorporated in the process of writing and submitting articles.

I hereby thank all fellow practitioners who work hard to maintain the Clearwisdom website. Though we have never met and are far apart, the Fa connects us closely together. We will help and encourage each other to form an indestructible whole body.

My understanding is very limited; please kindly point out any mistakes. Thank you.