(Clearwisdom.net) Practitioners are continuously being abducted and persecuted, thus creating a great loss. I think that Dafa work must be conducted based on a deep understanding of the Fa as well as the mentality of non-pursuit. Even a bit of selfishness could be dangerous, and invite excuses and reasons for persecution.

Constantly maintaining a selfless heart and righteous thoughts are what keep us safe. After hearing Teacher’s lecture on how Dafa practitioners will cultivate to a very high level and obtain mighty virtue, certain practitioners have inadvertently intensified their intention of pursuit. Such a mentality manifested itself in the following ways: insisting on achieving great accomplishments, not paying attention to safety measures, behaving in an abnormal manner, showing off, and being inconsiderate to others and the whole entity. On the surface, they seem to be saving people, but deep in their hearts, their intention is mixed with the mindset of self-achievement. When this situation appears, we must recognize it promptly; otherwise, no matter how much we have done and how far we have reached, we could bring difficulties to ourselves. The evil will see this clearly, and it gives them an excuse to persecute us.

When we do things out of selfishness, it is similar to constructing a building with a crooked foundation. No matter how much effort we exert, and how tall we construct the building, it will become unstable and eventually collapse. If our foundation on the microscopic level is based on selfishness, the effect of our efforts will not be good and will not last very long. The new cosmos requires Dafa practitioners to shoulder tremendous responsibilities. Strictly speaking, it will be a threat to the future cosmos if we do not eliminate our selfishness. For example, when the old forces emerged, they claimed that they had done their best in assisting with Fa-rectification, when in fact, they were merely covering their selfishness. Thorough arrangements were made throughout history, and there were even tests conducted on the previous earth. However, because they are rooted on selfishness, the more they participate in Fa-rectification the more difficulties they create for Teacher. As a result, more beings are eliminated. Because they are not able to let go of the self and their attachments, consequently, they will be eliminated.

When we are faced with the evil persecution, we must immediately look inward and get rid of all attachments, faithfully believe in Teacher and Dafa, and deny old force arrangements. If we clarify the truth with all sentient beings in mind, our xinxing will continuously rise, our environment will transform, and the evil persecution will vanish. If our cultivation is not based on a solid foundation, then all kinds of selfish thoughts will emerge when faced with the persecution, such as, "Why isn’t the persecution over yet? Why am I being persecuted when I have done so much for Dafa? Why am I being persecuted for clarifying the truth? Nothing would happen if I had stayed home. Are my illnesses really gone? Why did so many people die at Sujiatun? Can Teacher really protect practitioners?"

When we are constantly surrounded by thoughts of personal loss and gain (some of these thoughts are projected by the evil beings onto our brains), our inability to understand the Fa clearly will prevent us from eradicating them. If we cannot let go of these thoughts and allow them to influence us, they could lead us away from the path of enlightenment and separate us from the Fa.

It is only through a deep understanding of the Fa that we can enlighten to the truth and the law of the universe. If we can keep a clear mind, not only will evil be unable to control or restrict us, but we can even see through its control and disintegrate it. Lately, I think that Dafa has set a higher standard for us. When encountering persecution, we are safe as long as we let go of attachments and clarify the truth. But if the purpose of our looking inward, clarifying the truth, and sending forth righteous thoughts is to protect our own safety, to avoid hardships and the persecution, then that is still selfishness. We should validate Dafa with dignity and from the point of the Fa-rectification. Clarify the truth with the purpose of saving more people, send forth righteous thoughts in order to prevent the evil from taking control of the police officers and make them commit evil acts. We need to step out with dignity, save all beings and negate the persecution. The basic difference, whether it is for self or for others, will bring about different results.

I often ask myself why I cultivate, clarify the truth, and dig out my hidden selfishness. Selfishness is manifested in various ways, such as the fear of falling behind, of missing opportunities and not reaching consummation. Pride of cultivating into Buddhahood, the wish to establish mighty virtue, to ascend to a higher level, and to clarify the truth to more people in order to gain more sentient beings for my world; these are all thoughts stemming from selfishness. Doing Dafa work for the purpose of personal gain or loss is the same as using Dafa and its principles to gain self-achievement. Isn’t this the same as knowing the principles of the universe and using them to obtain achievement for oneself? Teacher talks about the principles of the universe, but objectively speaking, we do not carry out Dafa work for gaining something. Elevating our xinxing is the most important thing, and the achievement is just a by-product of our xinxing level. If our xinxing level drops, then everything pertaining to that level will disappear with it, because they are created within that level.

Then what level does Dafa require Dafa practitioners to reach? The reason why the old forces are facing extinction is because they are rooted in selfishness. How can the new cosmos of the future repeat the same mistakes? In order to safeguard the new cosmos, Dafa practitioners must reach a level of selflessness by experiencing multitudes of hardships. We cultivate within the human environment and save sentient beings. With this thought in mind, I would like to share a Chinese proverb: "Work hard and be tolerant, without the intention of pursuing." The above is my understanding; please kindly point out any inappropriateness.