Since May 2003, Falun Gong practitioners at the Guangyuan City Prison in Sichuan Province have been closely monitored by multiple guards or inmates around the clock, sometimes 4-5 at a time. This includes when they are eating, going to the restroom, sleeping, and any other activity. Written records were filed on a daily basis. Other than designated prison guards and inmates, no other prison guards and inmates are allowed to interact and talk with Falun Gong practitioners. Greetings between Falun Gong practitioners are prohibited. Before May 2005, practitioners were not allowed to watch TV or participate in any other recreational activities. Some practitioners had fewer meat rations than other inmates. Those who were not "transformed" were not allowed to call their relatives, not allowed visitors, and could not purchase meat or vegetables. Monthly purchase of merchandise was limited to 50 Yuan. Other inmates were not subject to such restrictions.

From August to December 2003, after removing blackboard messages smearing Falun Gong, practitioners Xie Hongming, Lin Jun, Xiao Hongmo, Xu Weidong were beaten by prison guards Ran Wei, He Kun, Gou Jianfeng, Miao Fang and several others in the 2nd detention section. The detention section specifically called a public forum criticizing and denouncing Falun Gong. Several times, guards Gou Jianfeng, Miao Wan, Xu Yi and He Zhong punched, kicked and shocked (with electric batons) practitioners Xie Hongming, Lin Jun and Xiao Hongmo until they lost consciousness. This occurred in the 5th detention sector of the 2nd detention section mess hall and the new arrival group.

On April 12, 2005, Falun Gong practitioner Lin Jun was transferred from the 3rd detention sector of the 2nd detention section to the "strict detention sector". As soon as he entered the sector ground, he was openly beaten by the sector supervisor Deng Peixin and another guard using a spiked club. They have continued to carry out brutal beatings of Mr. Lin since then.

On May 11, 2005, several armed guards led by Ran Wei of the 2nd detention section and the head of 3rd detention sector administration of the 2nd detention section Wang Yijian savagely beat Falun Gong practitioners Min Qinjun, Zhang Rui and Lu Shenfang, resulting in Min Qinjun vomiting blood for several days afterwards. Wang Yijian and Deng Peixin are part of the group called the "Four Killers" of Guangyuan Prison.

In July 2005, just because Falun Gong practitioner Xu Langzhou said hello to another practitioner, he was held in solitary confinement for 15 days by guards Ran Wei and He Zhong. Practitioner Xu Langzhou was beaten by inmate He Bing (convicted of kidnapping and a "supervising inmate"). Practitioner Zhu Weibing was beaten and humiliated by inmate Yang Shijun, a convicted murderer and supervising inmate, for quite sometime. Practitioners Xu Weidong and Zeng Yuxian were subjected to the same treatment by inmates Luo Jun and Yang Gongchun respectively.

Between May and November 2005, Guangyuan Prison established the so-called "Intensive Transformation of Falun Gong Practitioners Assault Fortification Team". The team leader was deputy prison director Xie Ping. The team members were Yao Baocheng, Ran Wei, He Zhong, Tian Yong, and Yang Jun. Ran Wei declared at the "supervision inmate meeting," "The Provincial Prison Administration Bureau set the transformation success rate goal of 80%. We must use every means, at any cost to achieve 100% transformation rate."

Between May and November 2005, the then head of the 3rd detention section Zhan Weiming led guards during the transformation period of Falun Gong practitioners. He personally participated numerous times in the beating of Falun Gong practitioners Zeng Yuxian, Min Qinjun, Lin Jun, and others. Even 60-year-old Wei Yi could not escape the beating. Zhan Weiming personally beat Zeng Yuxian many times, and twice he poured cups full of boiling water onto Zeng Yuxian’s head. He personally burned Zeng’s face with a cigarette lighter and the scar is still on Zeng’s face today.

From May 2003 to this day, especially between May and November 2005, the Guangyuan Prison 2nd detention section tried to transform detained Falun Gong practitioners. They took Falun Gong practitioners away from the regular detention sector and detained them in solitary confinement cells at the 2nd detention section inmate "loose detention" area. Then guards He Zhong, Tian Yong, and Yang Jun would carry out 24-hour shifts with several "supervising inmates" guarding the practitioners. They would keep the practitioners from sleeping for several days, followed by only 2-4 hours of sleep for one day. Then they followed it up with beatings and coercion. Zhu Weibing, Yang Guobin, Lu Shengfang and Kang Li were among the practitioners subjected to this.

Guangyuan Prison Director: Wei Chengjian

Deputy Director: Xie Ping

The most notorious Guangyuan Prison guards who participated in torturing Falun Gong practitioners: Zhan Weiming, Xie Ping, Ran Wei, He Zhong, Tian Yong, Yang Jun, Mao Xiaolong, Gou Jianfeng, Deng Peixin, Wang Yijian, Xu Yi, Tang Bing and Miao Yun.

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