(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Lan Hongying is a Falun Dafa practitioner from Wuchang City, Helongjiang Province. She has been illegally arrested and detained in Wuchang Detention Center for a long period of time because she persists in her belief in Falun Dafa.

In the fall of 2002, Ms. Lan was arrested by Yushu City Police Station in Jilin Province. She was sentenced to an eight-year imprisonment in the second district of Helongjiang Women’s Prison. Ms. Lan’s whole family was persecuted by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Her elder sister and father passed away one after the other. Her mother is in serious condition with no one to take care of her.

There are five people in Ms. Lan’s family, including her parents, her elder brother and elder sister. Ms. Lan and her sister had been in poor health since they were young. After they practiced Falun Dafa, both their mental and physical health improved. After the brutal persecution of Falun Gong began in July 20, 1999, Ms. Lan and her sister were illegally detained and tortured many times. Their working units and the local police frequently came to their home to harass them. Without an environment to study the Fa and practice Falun Gong, Ms. Lan’s sister lived under intense pressure and great pain every day. She also worried about Ms. Lan very much. After years of constant pressure and stress, Ms. Lan’s sister passed away in January 2005.

Ms. Lan’s mother is in her fifties and has lived in great fear of the CCP and of losing her elder daughter, and she also worries about her younger daughter. In the second half of 2005, she suddenly suffered from hemiplegia (partial paralysis) and was no longer able to take care of herself.

Ms. Lan’s father is an honest, kind and timid person. He not only bore great pain being her father, but also had to take care of his wife. He was worn out mentally and physically. After his last visit to see Ms. Lan in prison in June 2006, he suddenly suffered from a cerebral hemorrhage. He passed away a short time later in mid July 2006.

Ms. Lan’s friends and family didn’t have the heart to tell Ms. Lan’s mother such horrible news. They told her that a relative was taking care of her husband at home as they were not able to take care of him. Ms. Lan’s mother worried about her husband very much. Her tolerance has reached its limit and her condition has worsened. She is now in critical condition.

Ms. Lan’s brother works in a lawyer’s office in Harbin city. He has been poisoned by the CCP’s lies about Falun Gong, and was scared of being involved. He dares not visit his sister in prison. He lives in a different city and is busy with his work, thus he is not able to take care of his old, sick mother. Ms. Lan’s mother now lives in miserable conditions. However, Ms. Lan knew nothing about what had happened to her family.

We hope all Falun Dafa practitioners in China and abroad who have read this will send forth righteous thoughts together, to completely end the illegal detention of Ms. Lan and all Dafa practitioners, and to immediately and unconditionally release all illegally detained Dafa practitioners. We also wish to appeal to all righteous people to help us rescue Ms. Lan, so she can go home and reunite with her family and take care of her sick mother.