(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Wen Qingfang is from Qianan City, Hebei Province. She works for the Qianan City Construction Bureau. On February 25, 2006, Peng Minghui, the head of the Qianan City National Security Team, along with police officers Wang Shiwu, Ha Fulong and another officer whose name is unknown, suddenly broke into Ms. Wen’s home and took her to a detention center. The police ransacked Ms. Wen's home and confiscated her daughter’s computer that she used for schoolwork.

During the illegal detention, Ms. Wen carried out a hunger strike to protest the persecution. On the eighth or ninth day, Dai Junhua, the deputy director of the detention center, and Chen Xue, the detention center doctor, led four to five inmates to hold down Ms. Wen, and forcibly injected her with an unknown drug using an IV. Twenty minutes later, Ms. Wen started to show adverse reactions to the drug. Her internal organs, as well as her arms and legs, all became extremely painful. Ten minutes after the bottle of IV was injected, Ms. Wen couldn’t move her right leg, and had pain so extreme that she could not speak coherently.

Seven or eight days later, her right leg atrophied and she had no feeling in her right foot. She felt intense pain in her leg constantly. Her leg felt extremely cold, as if it was covered with ice. The evildoers wouldn’t leave her alone even in this condition. When her family members came to visit her on the 28th they were very anxious. They made a lot of effort to get her out, as she was very weak, and her entire right leg and foot were on the way to becoming disabled.

Just a few days after her release, the Qianan City 610 Office issued an order to her employers to stop paying her wages and to prevent her from working unless she wrote a guarantee statement. Seeing that their attempt to force Ms. Wen to give up Falun Gong was not working, the 610 Office and the Construction Bureau authorities played another trick. They lured Ms. Wen into their brainwashing center for persecution by telling her that they were going to reimburse her lost wages and allow her to work. With Teacher’s help, Ms. Wen had enough righteous thoughts and righteous actions. She did not cooperate with the deceitful authorities and their persecution attempt ended in vain.

Ever since the persecution of Falun Gong began on July 20, 1999, the Qianan City 610 Office and the Construction Bureau authorities have been constantly persecuting Ms. Wen Qingfang. On July 20, 1999, her workplace authorities illegally detained her for two weeks, and in September 1999, they illegally detained her again for a month. In July 2000, they detained her in a detention center for two weeks. In late 2000, when a brainwashing center was set up in the area, the Construction Bureau authorities were the first to send Ms. Wen there for brainwashing, which resulted in her being detained for over eighteen months. She has also been deprived of wages amounting to more than 35,000 yuan, including money extorted from her.

Currently, Ms. Wen Qingfang still cannot feel her injured leg. She cannot walk normally or work. The Qianan City 610 Office continues to require her workplace to withhold her wages unless she writes the statements against Falun Gong. Ms. Wen Qingfang lives with her teen aged daughter. Without any income their lives are faced with imminent hardship.

Telephone numbers:

Yang Yulin, leader of the Qian City 610 Office, and person in charge of the brainwashing center: 86-315-7898663, 86-315-7639612 (Office), 86-13603153659 (Cell)
Peng Minghui, head of the Qianan City National Security Team: 86-315-7616765, 86-315-7637448, 86-13832984718 (Cell)
Wang Shiwu, police officer: 86-13832987826 (Cell)
Ha Fulong, police officer: 86-315-6296596, 86-315-7688882, 86-13832987822 (Cell)
Xuan Chengbing, director of Qianan City Construction Bureau, concurrently Party Secretary: 86-315-762658 (Home), 86-315-7628599 (Office), 86-13503150176 (Cell)
Gao Quan, deputy director of Qianan City Construction Bureau: 86-13131587569 (Cell)