(Clearwisdom.net) A seriously injured patient was admitted to the emergency room of Jieyang City People’s Hospital in Guangdong Provinceat 5:00 a.m. on July 7, 2006. One of the persons who brought in the patient told the doctor, "This is a criminal. Do what you can do. If its not curable, let it be." This kind of speech startled everyone present. What kind of felon could encounter such indifferent treatment? The patient was Falun Dafa practitioner Huang Yongzhong. Following are the details:

Huang Yongzhong is from Xinhe Village, Dongshan in Jieyang City. He is in his 30s and had been weak since childhood, and he also suffered from epilepsy. Ten years ago, in 1996, he lost four fingers in an industrial accident at his workplace. Because of excessive bleeding, he became very weak and pale. As his mother said, "he would fall down if the wind blew hard." In 1997 he was fortunate to learn Falun Dafa. After practicing for several months, all of his illnesses were cured. He became stronger and his complexion became rosy. He never again had another bout of epilepsy. As he had been interested in electronics since childhood, he gradually gained some knowledge and got a job repairing electrical appliances. After that he lived a happy, fulfilled and healthy life.

Jiang's group started the persecution of Falun Gong in July 1999. From then, Huang Yongzhong and hundreds of thousands of Dafa practitioners lost the freedom to practice. In the summer of 2000, with trust in the government, Huang Yongzhong went to the Beijing Appeals Bureau to appeal for help. He hoped to speak a fair word for Falun Gong, and share the boundless benefits of the practice through his own personal experience. Against all expectations, the police not only arrested and mercilessly beat him, but they also detained him in prison.

The prison guards incited criminals to savagely beat Huang Yongzhong. They said while beating, "It is all right to hit Falun Gong practitioners. Your death can be counted as suicide. Moreover, we can gain points and reduce our terms." Yongzhong had by then been beaten into a coma several times, and he had a fever afterwards. The jail guard sent Huang Yongzhong back to Jieyang City when he still had a fever and was delirious. There were multiple bruises all over Huang’s body. The prison did not take him for treatment. Huang had to be carried from the vehicle since he could not walk on his own.

Several days later, Yongzhong’s mother saw him in the Dongshan District Police Department. His whole body was black and blue and full of bloody stains. He seemed to be barely alive. His mother called his name while trying to feed him a few drops of water. Huang Yongzhong's whole body was wounded. He moved his mouth a little bit and swallowed the water. Seeing this, his mother sent him to a hospital. After several days he recovered from the brink of death. He recovered very quickly with the help of Falun Gong practice.

Although Huang Yongzhong was physically restored, he had lost his personal freedom. Ever since then, whenever a "sensitive date" approached, he was harassed, threatened, and his family's personal belongings were confiscated . Law enforcement personnel even detained him. In 2001, Jiang’s group directed the farce, the "Tiananmen Self-immolation" that astonished China and the world. The persecutors wantonly arrested Dafa practitioners nationwide. Huang Yongzhong was detained for ten days with no justification.

Huang Yongzhong knew that Dafa had saved his life again and again. The Chinese Communist Party though, continued fabricating rumors against Falun Gong, and intensified the propaganda to deceive people. He felt that it is his responsibility to clarify the truth to people. He clarified the truth of the persecution of Falun Gong whenever he had an opportunity. He sincerely hoped that more and more people would learn the truth and not be deceived by the regime's lies.

Huang Yongzhong was arrested on September 9, 2001, when handing out Falun Gong fliers at Longwei Township in Jiedong. He was locked up in the Jiedong Detention Center. There, he suffered not only beatings with a leather strap and kicks to the head, but also a ruthless beating around seven o’clock in the evening, in the name of an "inquiry."

When his trial was held at Jiedong Court, Huang Yongzhong was unable to walk. Others had to carry him into the court. The judge disregarded Huang Yongzhong and others' defense, and accepted the fabricated "evidence" submitted by local police station agents. The so-called "evidence" was full of loopholes, but resulted in Huang Yongzhong being sentenced to seven years of imprisonment, with the charge of "disrupting social order." Huang Yongzhong appealed, but the Jieyang Intermediate Court rejected his appeal and retained the original verdict. Thus, his case became another injustice against Falun Gong. Huang Yongzhong was delivered to the Beijiang Prison in Shaoguan on November 20, 2001.

All Dafa practitioners who were steadfast in their beliefs were detained separately. They were forced to work extra hours and deprived of sleep. Even worse, their food was mixed with unknown substances which made them dizzy and absent-minded. After more than one month, Yongzhong was transferred to the No. 12 Ward. It is quite common for incarcerated criminals and police to beat inmates. Huang Yongzhong was beaten into a coma many times.

On July 2, 2006, Yongzhong’s parents received two phone calls from the prison, ordering them to go to the prison as soon as possible. They had an odd feeling, but accompanied by one of their son's friends, they went to the prison on July 3, 2006. The person in charge said that Huang Yongzhong was in the hospital, so they rushed to the hospital. When they saw Yongzhong they realized that he could not speak. His hands and feet were handcuffed and shackled to the bed and a criminal monitored him. When his mother removed his covers she saw bruises all over his body. She asked the prison agent present, "Why do you beat my son like this and still lock him onto the bed?" That person replied with a smile on his face, "We are a civilized enterprise; how could we hit him? These injuries are the result of his struggles when we did a body examination. We had to put him in handcuffs to prevent him from struggling when he was given an injection." His mother indignantly retorted, "What kind of examination can cause such bruises? He can barely speak, let alone move. Why insert a catheter?" That person still quibbled, saying, "That is because the viruses in his liver and kidney are proliferating. That’s why there are bruises everywhere - he is ill. What can we do about it?"

By then, his mother had noticed that Yongzhong’s lips were parched. It seemed he had not drank any water for a long time. She could not argue with that person any more, but gave her son some water and cut a piece of apple for him. After he had finished eating, Yongzhong seemed to have gained some strength. He whispered, "Mom," and pointed to the prison person and stuttered, "... evil dead..." He held his friend's hand firmly. It seemed he had words to say but could not utter a single one.

His parents requested Yongzhong's release home to allow him to recover. The prison authorities however, created obstacles in every possible way. They said they needed instructions from the 610 Office, and also demanded various kinds of documentation from the parents. The two seniors, in their 70s, being country people with integrity and honesty, had no opportunity for an appeal but had to return home.

Early on the morning of July 5, 2006, the parents could not wait for their own recovery from the fatiguing journey, but went separately to the police station and to the 610 Office. To their consternation, all of the units shifted responsibility and paid no attention to them. The old man said with tears in his eyes, "My son’s life is in danger. You are still playing hardball with me. If he has an accident, divine justice will not tolerate this." The old man finally collected all the required documentation and went back to the prison that same night.

On July 6, after the prison head scrutinized the documents, he pulled out a piece of paper to request a signature to get Yongzhong back. The general gist of that piece of paper said, "if Huang Yongzhong looses his life while on the road, the prison will be completely absolved from any responsibility." His mother burned with anger when reading this. She reprimanded the person loudly, "When my son was arrested, you did not call me to sign. Now that his life is in danger, you ask for my signature? It is you who persecuted him to his current state. You want to shirk responsibility? How is it different from washing the knife after you kill a person?" Facing the old woman’s righteous condemnation, the prison official was unable to say anything. They had to send a vehicle with several medical personnel and a prison guard especially for Yongzhong, to transport him to Jieyang City and deliver him to the People's Hospital. As soon as they settled down, the guard again told the doctor the inhuman words mentioned at the beginning of this article. In addition, the police also requested that Yongzhong's parents report each month to the related local department.

Yongzhong is still in the hospital. The daily cost amounts to between 1000 and 2000 yuan. For a family that suffered persecution, without any doubt, this is a huge burden. When the older couple reported to the police about their current situation and asked for compensation for medical expenses, the police officials still shirked responsibility, saying, "You should go to the local police station. Let them report it, level by level, and we will study it."

A kind person who followed Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance was sentenced to a heavy prison term. A person who does not steal or rob, who merely handed out some truth clarifying fliers, was sentenced to seven years' imprisonment. A disabled person was persecuted to the brink of death for not giving up his belief. Where is the heavenly law? Where is justice?

We strongly appeal to the prison and related departments to pay attention to this matter. Stop the persecution! Punish the wicked! Compensate Huang Yongzhong’s family for their medical expenses, and for the family's emotional suffering. When the truth is revealed, no evildoer shall escape legal punishment!

Beijiang Jail in Shaoguan

Address: Guangdong Province Shaoguan Huanggang Beijing Jail, Zip code: 512032
Political office leader: Lu Guoxin
Prison deputy leader: Huang Fuping
Education section leader: Lai Wenbiao
Prison leader: Lin Fangbin