(Clearwisdom.net) On June 17, 2002, practitioner Ms. Zheng Yingchun from Fuyuan County, Heilongjiang Province was illegally sentenced to two years in the Jiamusi Forced Labor Camp. Fuyuan County police officer Zhang Sidong and others took Yingchun to the camp. Yingchun is detained in Squadron 9 in the labor camp. Liu Yadong is the head warden of the squadron. He has tortured Ms. Zheng since 2002.

Liu Yadong assigned wardens He Fang, Xie Xun, and others to torture Zheng Yingchun. Ms. Zheng remained steadfast in her practice of Falun Gong. Liu lectured Ms. Zheng many times trying to make her "renounce" her belief. She explained to Liu the beauty of Falun Dafa, but Liu refused to listen and cruelly pinched Ms. Zheng’s arm. The bruise remained for more than two weeks. Liu also pinched Ms. Zheng’s thighs. Liu often subjected Zheng Yingchun to the sitting board torture, which requires the victim to put her hands on her lap, keep the back straight, and sit still on a wooden bench for up to 18 hours a day. Liu tortured Zheng Yingchun for over fifty days. The camp wardens also restrict practitioners' restroom usage. The sitting board torture causes practitioners' buttocks to swell and hurt. Many practitioners cannot even urinate normally due to the pain. The cells are dark and humid, yet the wardens refuse to let practitioners get fresh air or sunlight. Long periods of incarceration in these cells allowed painfully itchy scabies to infest practitioners. (See case at http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2002/7/29/24631.html) Camp authorities claim that this inhumane treatment of practitioners is in accordance with directives from the Ministry of Public Safety.

One night in October, 2002, Zheng Yingchun needed to go to the bathroom. Zhang Yan, the warden on duty that night, said that all the four people in the cell had to go to the bathroom together in what he calls a "networking" opportunity. However, one of the four cell mates was very sick and could not move at all. Zhang then said: "Either everyone goes together, or no one goes. This is a camp rule. If you have any complaints, go see the director." Zheng Yingchun and the other two had to relieve themselves in the basin. Zhang Yan called Liu Yadong to the scene. Without asking what had happened, Liu swore at the practitioners and kicked the basin. Urine splashed everywhere. A few nights later, Liu again prohibited Ms. Zheng to use the restroom. She could not sleep the whole night.

On November 26, 2002, Liu instructed wardens Zhang Xiaodan and Lin Wei to beat Zheng Yingchun. Zheng Yingchun was handcuffed to a bed, and the metal cuffs bit into her flesh.

The next morning, warden Lin Wei and inmate Qu Jia cuffed Zheng's hands behind her back in a particularly painful way. This torture method cuffs the victim’s hands behind the back, with one arm bent over the shoulder and the other bent up against the back. The torturers then pull the hands close together and hang the victim by the handcuffs. Ms. Zheng’s hands turned purple in a few minutes, yet she was hung for over forty minutes. The pain is excruciating. Moreover, Lin Wei and Qu Jia stuck several practitioners’ nametags into Ms. Zheng’s underwear to humiliate her. Zheng Yingchun still refused to be "transformed." Liu Yadong stepped on her head, pulled her hair, and yelled, "We will have more fun torturing you if you don’t "transform" (give up Falun Gong)."

Liu Yadong frequently tortures Zheng Yingchun with hands-behind-the-back cuffing and the mini tiger bench. The mini tiger bench is a cable reel that is about a foot tall. The victim sits on the reel with the back straight, calves perpendicular to the floor, and feet together. Liu would brutally beat Zheng Yingchun whenever her posture deviated. Liu has also forced Ms. Zheng to stand for a long time, to shout slogans, and to march like a soldier. In addition, Liu has denied Ms. Zheng usage of the bathroom. Furthermore, Liu extended Zheng Yingchun’s sentence in the camp and put her in solitary confinement.

Around 8 p.m. on June 25, 2003, labor camp "instructors" Zhu Tiehong, Li Xiujin, and warden Wang Tiejun forced practitioners to read out loud and copy defamatory pamphlets about Master and Falun Dafa. Warden Wang brandished an electric truncheon, and instructor Li yelled: "Every word must be exactly right!" Practitioner Lu Jin strongly objected to this brainwashing. Persecutors Zhu Tiehong, Li Xiujin, Wang Tiejun, and Sun Huiqiang then tortured Lu Jin, cuffing her arms behind her back.

The persecutors forced other practitioners who refused to cooperate with the brainwashing to cut their blood vessels. Wardens He Qiang, Liu Yadong, Gao Xiaohua, Mu Zhenjun, and inmates He Yaqin and Wang Hongyan pummeled practitioners. Liu slapped Zheng Yingchun on the face and struck her body. Mu Zhenjun struck Ms. Zheng down to the floor by kicking her in the right eye. Eight other practitioners were cuffed with hands behind their backs for over four weeks.

On July 25, Zheng Yingchun’s left hand started to feel numb and lose mobility. Liu Yadong dismissed Zheng Yingchun’s complaint as nonsense and pinched her arm. Zheng Yingchun suffers torture every day.

The Jiamusi Forced Labor Camp is a hell on earth. Practitioners are brutally tortured there every day and night. Physical abuse and brainwashing are staples of the persecution.