(Clearwisdom.net) My uncle (my mom's brother) and Mom were arrested and have been held by the evil Chinese Communist Party for more than five months. My grandma and granddad take care of me now. Do you know how my uncle and mother were arrested? The police handcuffed them while they were at work, then they ransacked our whole house. I can't see my mother or uncle at all now.

It was Saturday at midday and I had just gotten out of school when I saw a lot of people gathered in front of Grandma's house. It looked like a major incident. When I got closer, I saw that the police had arrested my uncle. He was wearing handcuffs but two police officers still twisted his arms. Then I heard Uncle cry out, "Falun Dafa is good! 'Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance' is good!"

Later on I heard my mom yelling down the staircase, "Why are you arresting me? Release me!" Four people carried her down the stairs. When they reached the first floor, they dropped her. Then they carried her outside. My eyes were full of tears that started to quickly fall. I kept calling, "Mom, Mom!" The police said to me, "Your aunt is upstairs. Why don't you go up and stay with her." At that moment I must've been muddle-headed, because I did what they said and went upstairs. Oh, I didn't take care of my mom at that moment and now I miss my mom so much!

Those police are the most evil people in this world. As they were arresting my mother they injected something into her that made her faint. Don't you think that was a very evil thing to do? My grandmother found those responsible for this incident and asked, "Did you give my daughter an injection to make her faint?" Someone said it was dextrose, and someone else said it was something to calm her down. From their words, I knew they were lying to us.

I heard that my uncle didn't eat or drink for 11 days, and later on he did that for more than a month, only drinking some water and soy milk. Practitioners' families are very worried about them. I miss my mom so much after her and my uncle's arrest. Every time I miss her I sing the song, "In This World Only Mom Is the Best."

Mom and Uncle, you must try to escape!

Back in 2002, the police illegally arrested my mom, uncle, aunt, and grandmother and put them into a forced labor camp or jail. At that time I was only four years old. When Mom was arrested, she didn't want me to see the sad and horrible scene so they sent me to the neighbor's on the second floor. After Mom left, Dad stayed in our home and burst out crying. He was still crying when he got to the neighbor's on the second floor. Dad and I cried on each other's shoulders. When the neighbors saw this they also cried.

Afterwards, because Dad was so afraid and was under such a great deal of pressure, he divorced Mom while she was in the labor camp. Later, Dad found another woman. The day Dad got re-married, I asked my godfather, "Do you know where my mother is? My mother is in jail now." I kept crying after I said that.

On July 15, 2002, my mom was released from the labor camp. She was full of bruises for a long time, and it took a long time for her to get well.

This year they again arrested my mom and my uncle. At present we don't know what condition they are in. I miss my mom and uncle so much. I want everybody to help find a way to save my mom and uncle.

(Note: This article was written by a little Dafa practitioner, Qingqing. Her family only helped her to arrange the order of the paragraphs and correct some grammar.)