(Clearwisdom.net) This year, I am fourteen years old. I have practiced Falun Gong for nine years. It was through practicing Falun Gong that I obtained a healthy body. After the persecution began on July 20, 1999, the police persecuted my family and broke us apart.

In order to prove that Falun Gong is innocent, on December of 1999, my mother, my aunt, my eldest brother, another aunt, my grandmother and I went to the Beijing visitor inquiry office to appeal for Falun Gong. The visitor inquiry office was swarming with plainclothes policemen. Even before we could enter the office gate, we were all illegally arrested and trucked to the local regional station in Beijing. The next day, we were sent back to Jilin. After arrival in Jilin, only my elder brother and I were released. All the others were detained and jailed. My mother and aunt were not only detained, but also illegally sent to a forced labor camp for one year.

My mother had repeatedly taught me to be a good honest kid, to never swear, scold or fight with other people, to be courteous, caring and ready to lend a hand to others. I am really confused and perplexed about why the police had to keep on arresting good honest people.

Facing the brutal fact of my mother's year in forced labor, I felt that the sky had collapsed. Every minute and every second I longed for mother's return. Every night I went to sleep with tears in my eyes. Without mother at home, there was no one to practice the exercises with me, no one to study the Fa with me, no one to prepare food for me and no one to wash my clothes. Grandmother was old. While having to look after me, she also had to look after my younger sister and my older brother, as well as care for our sick and elderly great grandmother. I hated the police. It was they that snatched our beloved mother from us. It was they that broke up our happy family.

The lawless police frequently visited our house to harass us. They put us on edge and made us restless. Afterwards, they illegally arrested grandfather and father. Our happy family of thirteen was reduced to eight. Before mother could come home, they abducted dad. I felt really sad, distressed and frustrated.

Fortunately for me, I had Master. I had the Fa. I knew very well that we were not wrong to practice Dafa. Everything we do is the most sacred. However, I still hold some sorrowful regrets. Also, because of mishaps and worries arising from grandmother and grand aunt's arrest, great grandmother's illness become more and more severe. When uncle went to the detention center to bail out grandfather and father, on the third day of their return home, great grandmother passed away. Her greatest desire and wish before leaving was to have the opportunity to see mother and aunt one more time. She left us with a troubled, worried and distressed mindset.

The day that I had been longing for finally arrived. Mother arrived home. Mother told me that while at the forced labor camp, the brutality had taken a toll on her body both spiritually and mentally. Every day she was subjected to hard labor for seventeen to eighteen hours. She witnessed fellow practitioners enduring electric shock torture, their faces disfigured by the charring from the constant electric baton shocks. Some practitioners were shocked to death. The brutality was cruel and utterly beyond description.

I vividly remember another time when the police abruptly broke into our home and abducted mother. She had just been released from the detention center hardly twenty days prior. Mother's physical condition was barely restored. She was sent to Changchun Women's Forced Labor Camp to undergo so-called "re-education" for two years. At that time no one in the family knew the whereabouts of mother, in spite of repeated visits to the local police station to inquire about the matter. The local police were tight lipped and secretive as to where she was sent. It was only when mother was tortured and persecuted to the point that she couldn't get up from bed and the authorities were afraid to shoulder responsibility for her death, that they called us and demanded 3,000 yuan for mother's medical treatment. We came to know that mother was in the labor camp only through this call.

When father went to the labor camp to visit mother, she was so weak that she couldn't walk. Another practitioner supported her from behind. Her body was emaciated and mutilated. When I learned about this most brutal and inhuman persecution mother encountered inside the labor camp, my heart ached, and I felt extremely sad and uncomfortable. I know inside my heart that mother is right; I will provide my unconditional support for her forever.

All these years, the lawless police time and time again continuously broke up our family and time and time again persecuted mother; their brutal actions have inflicted unforgettable deep wounds inside my mind and body.

Having passed through these bumpy, rough nine years, no matter how cruel the persecution is, I will continue to steadfastly hold up my head, continually moving forward because of my faith in Master. With my strongest belief in the Fa, I will continually strive to follow and walk the path Master has arranged for us to the very end.