I had never used a video camera before. However, after attending Teacher's two lectures in Tianjin City, I decided to attend the lecture again, this time in Jinan City, and I decided to record the entire lecture. I borrowed a video camera from my work place. At that time, I did not know if I was allowed to record it or not. After arriving in Jinan City, a practitioner in Beijing gave me a staff badge so that I could enter the auditorium with ease to record the lecture more closely.

Every day, Teacher came to the auditorium ahead of time. After the lecture, one practitioner showed the others how to do the exercises, and Teacher went upstairs and downstairs to correct practitioners' movements. When we were learning the fifth exercise, Teacher saw that my movements were not accurate so he came to correct my hand gestures. Practitioners nearby could all feel Teacher's kindness and enormous compassion.

A practitioner asked me to pass to Teacher a letter with money inside. A staff member told me that Teacher would not take it since he had never done so previously. I thus returned the money to that practitioner. When I attended the lectures in Tianjin City, I saw a practitioner kneeling on the road with an envelope of money above his head for Teacher. Teacher passed by without even looking at him.

An elderly practitioner who was also attending the lecture told me that when Teacher gave the lectures she saw blue water under the auditorium where several thousand practitioners sat. On the water sat rows and layers of Buddhas, Daos, and gods. Their numbers were countless, all listening to Teacher's lectures. Some practitioners said they saw Falun all over the auditorium like snowflakes. When I heard that, I thought, "How come I cannot see it?" I also wanted to see them.

During the lecture in Jinan City, Teacher always pointed out practitioners' human notions and attachments with patience and compassion. Teacher did not criticize, blame, or abandon us. The place was immersed in harmony and compassion throughout the eight days.

When the lectures in Jinan City were about to conclude, we gave Teacher a tapestry with a Falun design. Teacher smiled and accepted it. He then told our staff members not to sit on it. I nodded and said, "Yes." Everyone there saw the conversation between Teacher and me. Many practitioners were so touched that they were in tears seeing Teacher so easygoing and compassionate.

I did not tell Teacher my name, but he seemed to know everything. Teacher told me, "You can help establish the practice site so that more people can start practicing soon." After returning from the lectures in Jinan City, we organized practitioners to study the Fa and do the exercises in the local area. When I played the videotape for new practitioners, we were surprised to see in the fourth tape many Falun like snowflakes flying inside and outside of Teacher's body in an orderly manner. Some of the big Falun were lightly colored, while some of the smaller Falun were very bright. When we saw this, we were moved to tears again and again. We were touched by Teacher's enormous compassion.

Teacher has given us something so good, so good that it is beyond description; Teacher has given us so many things, so many that they are countless. Teacher's compassion is boundless. No matter how high we cultivate, we only come to know a little bit of Dafa at our level. Whenever we improve a little bit we can always deeply understand the boundless compassion. Being immersed in such compassion, our old notions are cleaned out. In this way, our true nature emerges from studying the Fa, and we walk firmly every step of our journey to validate the Fa.

July 20, 2006