On May 14, 2006, four Falun Dafa practitioners, Chuai Cuijun, Zhang Guilan, Chen Baihe and Wang Xiuhua and a driver, Liu Yunjiang, were reported to authorities by villagers who did not know the truth about Falun Gong, in Yuhuzhai Village, Qianxi County. Village policemen and those from the National Security Team in Qianxi Police Station, arrested these five people. Chuai Cuijun, Zhang Guilan, Chen Baihe and Wang Xiuhua were illegally tried. Chuai Cuijun and Chen Baihe are still being detained in the detention center. The other three were granted bail and await trial.

In the following two and a half months, the 610 Office in Qianxi County, along with politicians and legal system officials, threatened and interrogated the practitioners. They fabricated false testimonies, accused them of various things, and publicly tried Chuai Cuijun, Zhang Guilan, Chen Baihe and Wang Xiuhua. These practitioners were threatened with jail sentences and forced labor.

In the detention center, these five people had blood forcibly drawn from them and were photographed. The following accounts reveal the persecution of the Falun Dafa practitioners:1. Chuai Cuijun was held down and had blood drawn. She was photographed in a handcuffed and shackled position. Chuai Cuijun went on a hunger strike to protest the detention. She was force-fed twice with dense brine, which the policemen said was soy milk. It is very agonizing to be fed brine when on a hunger strike. She was handcuffed and shackled for two weeks (only criminals awaiting execution are treated in this manner).

As a result of the inhuman physical and mental torture, Chuai Cuijun appeared to be seriously ill. On the afternoon of June 17, the diagnosis of Chuai Cuijun by the surgery section of the herbalist hospital (the herbalist hospital of Qianxi County has her case history) revealed kidney stones. Before this, she had experienced headaches and developed cold sweat all over the body. The policeman Li Yuantie, who took her to the hospital, did not leave her there for the treatment, but took her back to the detention center. He told another policeman that Chuai Cuijun was pretending to be in this state and said that even an actual illness would not secure her release. The people in the detention center saw that Chuai Cuijun could not bear the pain, so they injected her daily to alleviate her pain. They did not give her any medical treatment. The family members of Chuai Cuijun asked several times to meet Chuai Cuijun, but were all rejected with no reason. Chuai Cuijun's mother has been suffering from diabetes and heart diseases. She missed her daughter so much that she went to meet the deputy chief of the police station, Wang Youping, to try and meet with her daughter. Wang did not allow that, but called in the policemen from the National Security Section and intended to detain the elderly lady. This surprised and frightened her. Her diabetes and heart attacks then relapsed and she had to stay in bed. Chuai Cuijun is still in detention and her condition is unknown. Many are worried about her.

Hao Haitao of the prosecution section of the Qianxi Head Prosecutor's office said that Chuai Cuijun struggled in the detention center. Regardless whether there's any evidence, they will still sentence her to at least three years. He also said that there were political ramifications and asked others not to get involved in this matter.2. Zhang Guilan is the wife of Chen Baihe. Their two children were studying out of town. Zhang Guilan suffered from a lack of blood supply to the brain because of the intense persecution. Being light-headed, she was unable to eat or walk. This lasted for about seven or eight days. The policemen were afraid that she would die in the detention center, so they released her. However after this, the policemen still did not leave her alone but continued to instigate, threaten and lie to her relatives, who did not know the truth about Falun Gong. This was to force her to make a false testimony in getting Chen Baihe released. This coercion caused her illnesses to worsen and she was sent to a hospital for a transfusion. Chen Baihe is still being detained in the detention center.

3. Wang Xiuhua is without a job and provides daycare service to make a living. The children and their parents all trust her very much. After she was arrested on May 14, the Qianxi Politics and Law Committee closed her day-care, ignoring the pleas from the parents.

4. The policemen from the Qianxi Chengguan Police Station slapped the mouth of the driver Liu Yunjiang many times when he was arrested in order to extract a "confession." They also contorted his arms behind his back, cuffed his hands, and then hung him up. This torture was inflicted on him three times. His wrists were covered with scars. He was also bound with rope and whipped with rubber tubes. Later, his family handed in money to bail him out and now await his trial. The police station continued to coerce him to make a false testimony. Liu Yunjiang and his wife did not want to frame good people who believe in "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance." They were forced to sell their grocery store, the source of their livelihood, and they became destitute and homeless.

We call for an immediate end of the persecution. Release Chuai Cuijun and Chen Baihe who were detained illegally with no conditions, cancel the illegal prosecution, and stop persecuting good people. We call on the residents in Qianxi to distinguish good from evil and stand up for justice. With every good thought and every word of truth, please support justice and protect our common conscience, morality and justice.