(Clearwidsom.net) I recalled certain strange occurrences while visiting a friend living in Changchun during September and October 2003. Since I learned about the organ harvesting from living Falun Gong practitioners in concentration camps for profit by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), I want to share what I saw. He was getting a kidney transplant at the Second Hospital. My friend told me that the Second Hospital is located in the suburbs and is Affiliated with Changchun University of Medicine. It is a well-known kidney transplant center in northwest China.

It is well-known for high quality kidneys, fast type matching and high patient survival rates. The urology director and deputy-directors are professors and associate professors. It is said that the transplant department is very profitable for the hospital and so gets special treatment. The department director has a luxurious car provided by the hospital.

One day in mid-September, I took my friend to get a kidney transplant at this hospital. A vehicle transport arrived with the kidneys. A physician then told my friend, "The kidneys have just been removed from a living body no more than an hour and a half ago. They are both from the same person. One will be transplanted into you and the other is for that lady by the elevator door."

I was shocked. Who on earth would donate both healthy kidneys, unless he or she was an inmate sentenced to death? But, how could the hospital decide the time of execution to coincide with the time of the transplant operation? Besides the type matching needed to be done before hand. I was so puzzled at the time and it just felt strange.

The lady by the elevator door entered the operation room half an hour later. My friend waited to be called by a nurse. Shortly a surgeon came out of the operating room and told my friend, "The kidney type does not match you well. It was given to another patient. Please come back in ten days..."

My friend's wife called me on the phone one day in October to tell me that the kidney transplant operation was completed. However, he still had little urine six days later and was anxious. His family members were exhausted watching him day and night. I relieved them for two days, so that they could rest.

The first day, a patient from the adjacent ward walked over to me with his hand on his waist. He introduced himself as being from Daqing City in Heilongjiang Province. Glancing at my friend, he said, "Your kidney and mine were from the same donor. I got out of bed yesterday." Pointing to another ward, he said, "That guy and a lady each got a kidney from the same healthy donor. Their operations were performed on the same day, and both of them can get out of bed now."

I was even more shocked. Four transplant operations done the same day and four kidneys from two healthy people used? He continued, "Kidney transplants are done almost every day, except weekends. As long as there are groups of people waiting in the hallway at night, some will have kidney transplants done..." I observed what was going on for two days and found it was true. So many people had kidney transplants. Where were the donors from? Where did the transport vehicle come from? It was only a half hour drive to get fresh kidneys here. I was bewildered at the time and mentioned the experience to my family.

The atrocity of the Chinese Communist Party's harvesting of organs from Falun Gong practitioners in concentration camps was exposed in March, 2006. A senior military doctor revealed that there are over 36 such concentration camps in mainland China. The biggest concentration camp in Jilin Province holds as many as twelve thousand people. All the puzzle pieces fell into place.

Where is the kidney supply source for the Second Hospital Affiliated with Changchun University of Medicine? I ask that the international community turn its attention to this case and conduct a thorough investigation of this hospital.

Written on July 26, 2006