(Clearwisdom.net) I have liked reading ever since childhood. When I was young, I read whatever books I could find. When I was 15 or 16, I even read Zizhitongjian, which I didn't understand. After I was sent to the countryside, my health declined. At that time people still had public health benefits, so upon returning to the city, I went to every hospital, trying everything I could, including secret folk treatment methods from skillful people who had inherited teachings from their ancestors, etc. I even tried witch doctors. Later on I studied Chinese medicine myself. I have studied Compendium of Materia Medica and even the Huangdi Neijing (Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor). During the process I cured my daughter's allergies, which all the prestigious Western and Chinese medicine hospitals in our provincial capital city failed to cure. However, I was still unable to cure myself. Then I tried qigong. I practiced almost all kinds of well-known qigong without success.

It seemed as if by chance that I attended Teacher's class in our city in1994. After listening to the first three classes, all the puzzles in my life and all the unanswered questions that had accumulated while I read various books were answered. It seemed that a door into my heart was suddenly opened wide. I felt so bright, and I understood so much. During two of the classes I actually fell asleep. However, my ears missed nothing. After Teacher finished his class, I woke up. I felt ashamed, thinking it was very impolite. Later on Teacher talked about this and I became aware that it was because Teacher was clearing up my brain. Teacher said at the end of the fifth class that after we walk out of the auditorium, that we would know how it felt to no longer have any illnesses. On my way home, I felt so energized that I didn't even want to get on my bicycle. Instead, I walked and pushed my bicycle alongside me, feeling a kind of lightness all the way, which I hadn't felt since my childhood. My steps were so light that walking was enjoyable. I walked faster and faster. Afterwards when I did ride on my bicycle, it seemed that I didn't need to pedal it at all. The bicycle just rolled upward on its own even when I was on a slope. I was very excited. I knew what I had found and I treasured it wholeheartedly.

At the end of 1994, I heard that Teacher would hold his final class in Guangzhou. I thought, "I have to go. I obtained such a precious Fa too easily because Teacher had come to our city. I must go Guangzhou to show that it is I who want to seek the Fa." In fact, I really wanted to show how much I treasured and respected this Fa, and I also wanted to show my determination to cultivate. On my way to Guangzhou, my previous diseases seemed to recur. Sometimes I even could not even stand up. But as soon as I called Teacher for help, I could stand up again. After I entered Teacher's class, I understood it was because Teacher had started adjusting our bodies before we had even arrived.

One day before the class began, Teacher was talking to a staff person just 20 meters from our seats. Then Teacher walked past us. He smiled kindly and looked at us as he walked by. A veteran practitioner who had attended five or six of Teacher's classes saluted Teacher with her hands in the Heshi gesture of respect. Teacher smiled and nodded at her while I looked at Teacher with a blank mind, knowing nothing about what I should do. After Teacher walked away, I suddenly "woke up" and felt much regret: "Why didn't I salute Teacher?" I immediately pressed my palms together in the Heshi gesture towards Teacher's back, saying silently in my heart, "Greetings, Teacher!" Suddenly, Teacher turned around, smiled, and nodded to me. I was so excited that I couldn't express how I felt.

I never expected that Teacher's one look would create a miracle for me the next morning. I had read so much since childhood that my eyesight had weakened from the standard 1.5 to only 0.5-0.6, along with astigmatism. I wore glasses before I attended Teacher's classes, glasses with 150 and 300 degrees of correction and 150 degrees each for astigmatism.

That morning after I woke up, I fetched my glasses, which were placed beside my pillow out of habit. I found the left lens had cracked down the middle. While I was trying to figure out why, the young daughter of a fellow practitioner, who had attended ten of Teacher's classes, said to me, "Teacher doesn't want you to wear glasses." With the crack in the middle, I couldn't wear them even if I had wanted to.

Half doubting what the little girl had said, I put my glasses in my jacket pocket and went downstairs. I went to the service desk of the hotel to claim my belongings. Before I was able to get the receipt out of my pocket, I needed to take out my glasses first, which I did. I was dumbfounded to find that the right lens of my glasses had also cracked down the middle. It had only taken me five minutes to walk down from upstairs, and I had neither bumped nor crushed my glasses. How had the other lens cracked? At this time I was convinced that it was because Teacher didn't want to me wear glasses. Put another way, it was because my eyesight had returned to normal and I no longer needed glasses! Later on an exam established that my eyesight was indeed normal again. Hence, I got rid of the glasses that I had worn for so many years.

In Teacher's classes I felt and experienced the truth of Falun Dafa; I also felt the boundlessness of the Buddha Fa. During the seven years of the persecution, whenever I recall my experience of attending Teacher's classes, I become more steadfast. In the seven years of illegal persecution, nothing has ever been able to shake my faith in Teacher and Dafa, be it family sentiments, the difficulties of having lost everything, or the possibility of being tortured to death.