(Clearwisdom.net) At around 2:00 p.m. on August 2, 2006, seven Falun Gong practitioners from Dalian City, including Liu Qingtao, Qu Jun, Mr. Yu, and Yu Xiaoli were illegally arrested by Wanli Police Precinct officers on a bridge near Wanli Street in the Development Area . The practitioners were riding in a van at the time. A man in his 50s stopped their van, held up a copy of the "Nine Commentaries", and shouted "It's yours!" The police took the van and everyone in it, including a 22-year-old girl, a sales major and non-practitioner who was from out of town.

When the family members of the arrested practitioners arrived at Wanli Police Precinct to demand their loved ones' return, precinct director Wang Peizhong and some other officers turned them away. Wang Peizhong and officer Sun Junzhe shoved Qu Jun's aged father out of the police station. As witnessed by family members, Mr. Yu, with a blood-stained bandage on his forehead and his clothes covered with dirt, and a female practitioner were tortured while being interrogated by the police. A policeman intimidated a female practitioner, saying, "We have ways to deal with you people." Five policemen took Ms. Yu Xiaoli to her company and home, snatching her computer and some materials. Liu Qingtao's home was searched by police, too.

At around 4:30 p.m. on August 3, policeman Li Ju from Wanli Police Precinct, Liu from the police station, Tang Xingwen from Zhongchang Police Precinct of the Jinzhou District, and Director Wang (female) of Zhongchang Lane went to search Liu Qingtao's home without a warrant. They took two Falun Dafa books, one set of Master Li's pictures, one set of smaller pictures used to spread the Fa, one copy of the judgment statement for Liu Qingtao's trial, a few copies of "Minghui Weekly," and one 50-yuan note with a statement advocating quitting the Communist Party written on it. Police chief of Wanli Precinct Yu Huajun told Liu Qingtao's family to retrieve their possessions at the precinct. But when Liu's family arrived at the precinct the next day, they were not allowed to take anything, including the van.

Some of these practitioners in police custody have been subjected to various forms of persecution since the Chinese Communist regime started suppressing Falun Gong in 1999. Liu Qingtao served five years in prison, enduring all kinds of torture and leaving his wife, his son, and his aged mother without adequate care. Yu Xiaoli was held more than once at the infamous Masanjia Correction Facility. Qu Jun jumped from a tall building in order to escape arrest and became permanently disabled. Neither torture nor suffering has changed their faith. They firmly believe that they are not wrong when they try to be good people by observing the principle of "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance."

Four female practitioners were taken to Yaojia Detention Facility in Dalian City on the afternoon of August 3. Liu Qingtao is being held in the Development Area Detention Center. The whereabouts of Mr. Yu are not known. They started a hunger strike to protest the persecution when they were arrested.

Policemen from Wanli Precinct in the Development Area have persecuted these kind people on other occasions. Last March, they arrested two practitioners after watching and following them, and sent them to a detention center the same night, but the center refused to take them. The following day they went to search the practitioners' homes and later released them only after repeated requests from family members and after charging them each 5,000 yuan as bail. The police continue to constantly harass these people.

Relevant contact information:

Yaojia Detention Facility in Dalian City
270 Yaojia Street, Ganjiangzi District, Dalian City
Duty Office: 86-411-83792702
Women prisoners' ward (Ward No. 8): 86-411-83792763
General Information: 86-411-83631881

Development Area Police Station
Tel: 86-411-88969060, Fax: 88969020
Director of the Political and Economic Protection Unit: Sun Deshun
Deputy Director of the Police Station: Mu Aimin
Deputy Director of the Political and Economic Protection Unit: Liu Wei

Development Area Detention Center
Tel: 86-411-87655257, 86-411-87635074, 86-411-87635288
Brigade Chief: Xing Rujia
Political Commissioner: Fu Wenqing
Deputy Chief: Sun Zhonghai

Wanli Police Precinct
Director Wang Peizhong: 86-411-88964110
Instructor Liu Jixin: 86-411-88969752
Police Chief Yu Huajun, Badge No.:207257: 86-411-88969759

Sun Junzhe: 86-411-88969753
Zhao Jinxin: 86-411- 88969757
Fan Qingyang
Li Ju