(Clearwisdom.net) At around 3:00 p.m. on July 20, 2006, Ms. Tang Jinai, a Falun Gong practitioner from Luogang Township, Baiyun District, Guangzhou City was illegally arrested by police from Luogang and unlawful officials from Tianhe District's 610 Office when she was at work in a factory of Zhu Village, Tianhe District. Currently she is illegally detained at the Tianhe Detention Center in Guangzhou City.

It is said that in order to illegally capture Ms. Tang Jinai, the 610 Office called out a total of a dozen policemen and three police vehicles. They even employed the technology of cell phone tracking and allocation to trace her cell phone's signal directly to her workplace.

The happy family of Ms. Tang Jinai was torn apart. Her husband was illegally sentenced to imprisonment and his whereabouts were unknown to his family members. Ms. Tang herself was forced to become homeless to avoid persecution and she had to work to earn a living. Even worse, she is illegally detained right now. Her two-year-old toddler daughter lost the chance of being taken care of by her parents, and her grandparents have to care for her.

Ms. Tang Jinai and her husband Feng Bingkun are both Falun Gong practitioners. In December 2000, Ms. Tang Jinai went to Beijing to peacefully appeal for justice for Falun Gong. As a result, she was illegally arrested and detained at the Zengcheng Detention Center. At that time, she was over two months pregnant with her first child. Since it's against the regulation of labor camps to detain pregnant women, police officer Luo Weijun, together with other unlawful officials from Zhenlong Township Police Station, forcibly took her to an operating table and forced her to have an abortion. After the abortion, the officials took turns monitoring her every day. During the 2001 Chinese New Year's Eve, these people deceived her family members by saying that they would have Ms. Tang checked in at the hospital. Actually Ms. Tang was sent to the Zengcheng City Drug Rehabilitation Center. Two months later she was illegally sentenced to another eighteen months of imprisonment in a forced labor camp.

On the evening of February 21, 2005, when Mr. Feng Bingkun was distributing truth-clarification material, he was arrested and later illegally sentenced to three and a half years of imprisonment. He was detained at the Sihui Prison in Guangdong Province. After Mr. Feng Bingkun was arrested, Ms. Tang Jinai and her one-year-old daughter were forced to become homeless. Even so, officials at the 610 Office and departments from Zengcheng City offered a reward of fifty to one hundred thousand yuan for the arrest of Ms. Tang Jinai.

Tianhe District Police Substation, Guangzhou City: 86-20-87502743, 86-20-87502753

Director, Peng Yilin: 86-20-87502777, 86-20-85513381 (Home)

610 Office of Tianhe District Police Substation: 86-20-82321185

610 Office at Tianhe District, Guangzhou City: Cheng Wenhu, Li Jianhui (female)

Sub chief of the 610 Office at of Tianhe District Police Substation, Xu Qingsong (to deceive people, now the 610 Office has been renamed as "Internal Security Section")

Head of the Tianhe Detention Center, Zhu Wenyong: 86-20-82312286 (Home), 86-20-85547279 (Office)

Policemen at Zhenlong Township Police Station

Luo Weijun: 86-13802808284 (Cell)

Li Cengming: 86-13602225553 (Cell)

Zhong Runsen: 13697483128 (Cell), 86-20-82876159 (Home), 86-20-82876159 (Office)

Chen Jixin: 13928926818 (Cell)

Li Guangpeng: 13809283216 (Cell), 86-20-82877888, 86-20-82879813

Head of Zhenlong Township: 86-20-82876236

Zhenlong Township Police Station: 86-20-82879110

Director Li of the 610 Office at Zhongxin Township: 86-20-82866202 (in charge of Zhenlong Township)

Party secretary of the Zhongxin Township Government: 86-20-82866100

610 Office at Zhongxin Township: 86-20-82864559

July 29, 2006